The pictures is a gameplay mechanic in The Dark Pictures Anthology. They can be found in the game randomly, and looking into them shows a glimpse of a possible future event, giving the player a chance to avoid or follow the said event.

There are three different type of pictures with different colors correlating to different meanings: 6 white, 6 black and 1 gold framed paintings. Each one of them offers a specific feature that will help the player in the future:

  • White: These pictures offer the player the possibility of avoiding a future catastrophe about a bad decision made by the player itself, and that can have fatal consequences later.
  • Black: These type of pictures closely resemble the black totems of Until Dawn, as they preach a future death of a character.
  • Gold: There's only one of these pictures in each installment, and it shows a premonition related to the next one, with new and unknown features compared to the game where it was found.

Most of them can be discovered in a Solo Story playthrough in Theatrical Cut and Curator's Cut modes. However, to get them all in every installment, it is necessary a multiplayer playthrough in Shared Story mode, or playing the two individual modes.

Man of Medan

White Pictures

High and Dry.gif

  • Name: High and Dry
  • Location: Inside the Duke of Milan, just to the right of the entrance stairs.
  • Found by: Alex or Conrad
  • Chapter: Wreck
  • Premonition: Brad crawls out of a hidden place in a seemingly empty Duke of Milan.
  • Happens in: Finding Friends
  • Outcome: If Brad didn’t come out of the hidden spot to protect Alex from Danny or Alex didn’t tell him to come on board, then Brad will not be found and on Ourang Medan he will be able to find more secrets and a picture.

Close Quarters.gif

  • Name: Close Quarters
  • Location: After Danny runs away from Fliss when he is scared by an unseen threat, she will have to go back to see the picture.
  • Found by: Fliss
  • Chapter: Danny
  • Premonition: A figure in a cloak and a bone staff slowly walks forward.
  • Happens in: Ritual
  • Outcome: If Fliss, once in the ballroom, could not dispel the hallucinations by breathing fresh air outside, she will face Brad in the form of a hooded figure. In this case, she should dodge attacks and not attack with a knife, since she will kill Brad.
    • In the Theatrical Cut, Brad will not evade the attacks but in the Curator's Cut and Shared Story, the player must evade the attacks to keep Brad alive.

Copper Bottomed.gif

  • Name: Copper Bottomed
  • Location: In the quartermaster's office on the right.
    • This can only be found if Brad was not discovered on board the Duke of Milan and either avoids or passes the keep calm sequence in the bathroom while Junior still searching the protagonists.
  • Found by: Brad
  • Chapter: Finding Friends
  • Premonition: A military helicopter lands in the weather deck.
  • Happens in: The End (Man of Medan)
  • Outcome: If the group is able to transmit their coordinates or the "Ourang Medan"'s name to the station on the military bandwidth, the helicopter will arrive to "rescue" them if they are unable to reclaim the distributor cap for the Duke. Else, the rescue team will explore the freighter.


  • Name: Keelhaul
  • Location: It can be found in the lever room of the ballroom, just in Fliss' right, on the opposite wall of the lever.
  • Found by: Fliss
  • Chapter: Ritual
  • Premonition: An assailant is attempting to drown his victim while Julia shouts at them to stop.
  • Happens in: Plunged
  • Outcome: When Alex and Julia fall into the water from a collapsing bridge, Julia will see Alex's Doppelganger being drowned by the real Alex. A confused Julia can either encourage him or tell him to stop. In the point of view of Alex, he sees and drowns Danny Drowned as he thinks the threat wants to finish off Julia, still unconscious in the water. If Julia encourages the assailant to drown the other one, Danny will seemingly die. As a result later in the story, Olson will interrogate an unconscious Danny. In the ending credits, Danny will wake up and either attack the soldiers that boarded the ship or be killed by Olson.

Plain Sailing.gif

  • Name: Plain Sailing
  • Location: Inside the side room in the officer's quarters after Conrad sees Jenny May's figure.
    • This is only playable if Conrad did not escape using the speedboat during Intrusion.
  • Found by: Conrad (Theatrical Cut)
  • Chapter: Glamor Girl
  • Premonition: The Duke's distributor cap is smashed by a falling elevator.
  • Happens in: Matters of the Heart
  • Outcome: When Alex discovers Olson's corpse in one of the kitchens during one of the final chapters, failing one of the QTE to swipe the rats off of him will cause him to drop the distributor cap into the elevator shaft, where it gets smashed by the falling of that same structure itself.
    • The distributor cap can also be destroyed by a falling door during the fight with Olson if the protagonist fails to catch it.
    • If Conrad escaped by speedboat, the distributor cap must be destroyed for him to survive.

Know the Ropes.gif

  • Name: Know the Ropes
  • Location: When searching for the generator in the lower deck, to the right past the generator itself.
  • Found by: Brad, Julia, Fliss or Alex
  • Chapter: Depths
  • Premonition: Olson is choking someone with a sledgehammer handle and notices a cargo door falling off the chain.
  • Happens in: Olson (Chapter)
  • Outcome: Any protagonist can be caught by Olson during one of the final chapters that occurs in the cargo hold 2. Failing the QTE to struggle and kick him away will result in the door falling and killing both characters.

Black Pictures

Devil and the Deep.gif

  • Name: Devil and the Deep
  • Location: To the left of the opening inside the B-29.
  • Found by: Julia
  • Chapter: Dive
  • Premonition: Julia appears unwell as she clutches her hand to her heart.
  • Happens in: The End (Man of Medan)
  • Outcome: If Julia surfaces too early at the conclusion of the same chapter, then ignores Alex's warning and drinks beer, she will die to the effects of decompression sickness .
    • This particular variation has Julia and Alex stranded on the Ourang Medan as it happens.
    • In the Curator's Cut, she drinks the beer if she has a low relationship stat with Alex.

Cut and Run.gif

  • Name: Cut and Run
  • Location: It can be found in Fliss' cabin.
  • Found by: Fliss
    • Fliss is the only one who has exclusive access to this picture due to is in her cabin inside the Duke of Milan.
  • Chapter: Uninvited Guests
  • Premonition: Conrad uses a speedboat to escape as Olson prepares to shoot him with a gun.
  • Happens in: Intrusion
  • Outcome: If Conrad fails the execution of his "speedboat escape" , he will die by being shot by Olson. If alive, he'll reappear at the end of the game to save the survivors on the Ourang Medan.

In the Offing.gif

  • Name: In the Offing
  • Location: After escaping the room that Junior locks the characters in. It can be found in a locker in the troop berths.
  • Found by: Conrad, Julia, Fliss or Alex
  • Chapter: An Escape
  • Happens in: Revenge
  • Premonition: Alex is grabbed from behind by Olson Drowned, who smashes his head against the window of a door.
  • Outcome: If Conrad is alive and is on the ship, then when Alex and Julia run away from Olson, Conrad will block their path and Olson will grab one of them (in this case, Alex). If he doesn’t have time to escape, Olson will smash his head against the door in front of Julia. .

Cut of your Jib.gif

  • Name: Cut of your Jib
  • Location: On the far wall inside the junior officers' mess.
  • Found by: Alex
  • Chapter: Caskets
  • Premonition: Brad is stabbed in the stomach by an Undead Soldier
  • Happens in: Ritual (Curator's cut)
  • Outcome: If Brad was unable to dispel the hallucinations by wearing a gas mask, then when he falls into Cargo Hold 2, he will face Fliss as an Undead soldier. In this case, he must dodge attacks and not attack the soldier with spanner .
    • Consequently, if Brad is hallucinating with the Undead Soldier trying to attack him, failing to avoid its stabs will kill him, as such this premonition is seen from Brad's perspective.

Ship Shape.gif

  • Name: Ship Shape
  • Location: On the wall of the mess hall of the officer's quarters when playing as Fliss. It can only be obtained if both Fliss and Brad are alive. By doing it together.
  • Found by: Fliss or Brad (Curator's Cut or Shared Story)
  • Chapter: Glamor Girl (Curator's Cut or Shared Story)
  • Premonition: Conrad falls from a great height inside the funnel.
  • Happens in: Glamour Girl
  • Outcome: When Conrad is being chased by the Sailor Girl, failing the QTEs while climbing the ladder will cause him to fall to his death.

Loose Cannon.gif

  • Name: Loose Cannon
  • Location: It can be found before the room with the nautical chart, before entering the radio room.
  • Found by: Alex, Fliss, Julia, Brad or Conrad
  • Chapter: Distress Signal
  • Premonition: Junior shoots himself in the head with a gun.
  • Happens in: Junior (Chapter)
  • Outcome: After the heroes fled from Olson, they face Junior, who, under the influence of hallucinations, will threaten them with a gun. If the protagonists failed to calm him down, then Junior will shoot one of them, and then will shoot himself. To prevent this, the protagonists must have a rebreather and use it on Junior to "clear the fog out of him".

Gold Picture

A Little Hope.gif

  • Name: A Little Hope
  • Location: If Alex was killed during Revenge, went down the hole to find the distributor cap in Distress Signal or is the only person in the radio room, the character in the player's control will investigate a noise, where the picture can be found on the wall of one of the troop berths.
  • Found by: Alex, Conrad, Fliss, Julia or Brad
  • Chapter: Olson
  • Premonition: A young woman hangs herself in front of a young man after slipping from an ice-covered ledge.
  • Happens in: Family
  • Outcome: This special premonition is a teased glimpse of the next installment of The Dark Pictures Anthology, Little Hope.
    • In the game, if Anthony decides to help Tanya and encourages her to use the pipe to climb down the balcony, she will accidentally hang herself with her scarf after slipping from an ice-covered ledge.

Little Hope

White Pictures


  • Name: Deadly Omen
  • Location: You must go through the gate opened for Daniel and Angela.
  • Found by: Daniel, Taylor or Angela
  • Chapter: No Escape
  • Premonition: Someone picks up a revolver from a box.
  • Happens in: Off Track
  • Outcome: If Andrew completed Keep Calm! segment, he will be able to explore the hut and find a revolver in the box.


  • Name: Ritual Blade
  • Location: Before descending into the hole, turn left. The picture will be on the shelf.
  • Found by: Daniel
  • Chapter: Another Way
  • Premonition: Someone picks up a knife from the table.
  • Happens in: Troubled History
  • Outcome: After the collision with Taylor in the museum, there will be a knife on the table that can be picked by either Taylor or Daniel. It can be needed against the Impaled Demon or the Hanged/Burned Demon when confronted if Andrew doesn't possess the revolver.
    • Also, if Taylor has a knife and she did not use it near the church, then in Low Point Andrew uses it to attack the demon


  • Name: Mercy
  • Location: After you find the entrance to the police station, go right. The picture will be on a barrel.
  • Found by: Andrew
  • Chapter: Off Track
  • Premonition: Andrew extends his hand to Angela and asks her to grab it, while a creature crawls towards her.
  • Happens in: The Crossing
  • Outcome: When trio collides with the Drowned Demon, Angela will be in danger. By choosing to help Angela instead of John as Andrew, and to accept the help as Angela, her escape will be easier as there will be less QTEs to perform.
    • Angela can also climb the slope on her own, although there will be more QTEs to perform.


  • Name: Shackled
  • Location: Going to the bridge, there will be an abandoned house on the left. The picture will lie next to the boxes.
  • Found by: Andrew or John
  • Chapter: The Crossing
  • Premonition: The bus driver is arrested and put in a police car.
  • Happens in: The End (Little Hope)
  • Outcome: If Andrew has a bad relationship with Vince, he will call the cops and Andrew (revealed to be the bus driver and Anthony) will be arrested by the sheriff met at the beginning.
  • This particular variation has Anthony arrested in the middle of a road while some or all the other protagonists lived.
    • Another variation is Anthony arrested in front of the burned house with all the other protagonists dead.


  • Name: Exorcism
  • Location: In the church at the main entrance. The picture will be on the table.
  • Found by: Taylor, Daniel or Andrew
  • Chapter: Surrounded
  • Premonition: Daniel and Andrew run out of the tunnel closing the door behind them.
  • Happens in: Ruined
  • Outcome: When Daniel is fighting the Impaled Demon, he can ask Andrew for help. Then they both fall and flee the monster through the tunnel.


  • Name: Demon at the Door
  • Location: There will be a path next to the house with fireflies. The picture will be on the table.
  • Found by: Andrew, Daniel or John
  • Chapter: Reflections
  • Premonition: John closes the door and blocks it with a hammer.
  • Happens in: Heavy Burden
  • Outcome: If John escaped from the Crushed Demon and did not lose the hammer in the process, he will block the door with it.
    • The hammer is not necessary for John to block it though.

Black Pictures


  • Name: Like A Stone
  • Location: After leaving the playground, turn right along the path. The picture will be on a picnic table.
  • Found by: Daniel
  • Chapter: Another Way
  • Premonition: Someone ties Angela's legs with chains when she tried to climb the slope and drags her, causing Angela to hit the ground and lose her glasses.
  • Happens in: The Crossing
  • Outcome: If Angela fails to climb the slope, she will be captured and killed by Drowned Demon.


  • Name: Familiars
  • Location: After leaving the bar, turn left along the path. The picture will be on the nearest picnic table.
  • Found by: Andrew or Angela
  • Chapter: Playing Tricks
  • Premonition: Andrew aims his gun towards the mysterious figure.
  • Happens in: Low Point
  • Outcome: If John encourages Andrew to get a clear shot, he will fire and kill Angela, angering John, who will throw away the gun. Otherwise, the group will see Angela approach.


  • Name: Human Sacrifice
  • Location: On a barrel next to a house with an abandoned car in the driveway.
  • Found by: John or Angela
  • Chapter: Confrontation
  • Premonition: The bus driver aims at his temple with a revolver.
  • Happens in: The End (Little Hope)
  • Outcome: If John, Angela, Daniel and Taylor died, Andrew managed to get a gun and has good relationship with Vince, Andrew (revealed to be the bus driver and Anthony) will consider suicide. Whether he acts on it or not depends on if he advised Abraham to save Mary from execution or not.


  • Name: Dark Magic
  • Location: On a table by the window after Taylor disappears. The picture will be on the table.
  • Found by: Daniel or Taylor
  • Chapter: Troubled History
  • Premonition: Taylor hides from her pursuer behind a rock.
  • Happens in: Ruined
  • Outcome: If Taylor asked Daniel for help and escaped from her demon, she will hide behind a stone and Keep Calm! segment will start.


  • Name: Voodoo Doll
  • Location After leaving the museum, there will be a meadow on the right. The picture will be on the table.
  • Found by: Daniel or Taylor
  • Chapter: Pursued
  • Premonition: An attacker tries to pierce Daniel in the eye with a spear, while he managed to grab it and resists.
  • Happens in: Low Point (Curator's Cut)
  • Outcome: When the Impaled Demon will attack Daniel, Andrew need to choose to save him and execute all QTE.
    • This variation of the event occurs in Curator's Cut. In this case, Daniel will have to save himself on his own.


  • Name: Pressed into Silence
  • Location: The picture is located on a barrel next to the factory.
  • Found by: Andrew, Daniel or John
  • Chapter: Ruined.
  • Premonition: A monster crushes John's jaw
  • Happens in: Heavy Burden
  • Outcome: If John fails to fight off the Crushed Demon or if he didn't act heroically when blocking the door and fails QTE, he will be caught and killed.

Gold Picture



  • The "pictures system" fulfills the same function as the collectible totems in Supermassive Games' 2015 horror title, Until Dawn.
  • Fliss is the only protagonist that doesn't appear directly in premonitions.
    • She is only seen as an undead solider in "Cut of your Jib." 
  • The titles of all premonitions in Man of Medan are old English used in nautical settings. Conrad can reference the "Cut of your Jib" idiom to Brad if the latter accepts a drink, although Conrad gets "jib" mixed up with "ship."
  • In each game, the pictures appears in different forms and their content corresponds to the theme of the game:
    • In Man of Medan the pictures appear as framed paintings that can be observed to view the premonition and depict ships at sea.
    • In Little Hope the pictures appear as postcards that can be picked up and turned over to view the premonition and depict objects associated with witches (black cat, cauldron, skull, executions).
      • In Shared Story, the premonition can be handed from one player to another.
  • Images on "Like a Stone", "Dark Magic" and "Pressed into Silence" show the assassination methods by which protagonists can die (Angela, Taylor and John)
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