I'm the captain now!
— Olson to Alex

Olson is one of the three main antagonists in The Dark Pictures Anthology debut, Man of Medan. He is the leader of the fishermen and the older brother of Junior. He was voiced and motion captured by actor Kwasi Songui.


Olson has a deep complexion, dark brown eyes, and a thin and short black hair. He has a big scar on his head that runs from the center of it to the middle of his forehead. He also has a big freckle under one of his eyes: the blind and cloudy one.

Like his brother Junior, he also has a silver pendant, but hidden in his hairy chest. He also has tattoos that completely cover his right arm and left leg.

Initially and during Intrusion, he wears a dark green raincoat that covers his main clothes, which are a blue and ripped sleeveless shirt with a garnet collar (with a white button) and a green and large cargo shorts with a bunch of pockets. He goes barefoot from Uninvited Guests until The End.


Olson comes off as demanding and cruel, clamoring for power and ordering the other pirates around, referring to himself as the Captain. He is greedy and forceful as he goes as far as to take people hostages and wishes to find the Manchurian Gold, despite the reluctance of Junior and Danny. Olson is cunning, setting traps to the protagonists like with Conrad with the gun. He is also superstitious, as shown during his monologue where he suspects the spirits of the dead came to find him. Olson seems to have excellent shooting skills despite being blind in one eye as he can successfully shoot Conrad on an escaping speedboat even with the storm and on an unstable boat.

In the Duke of Milan, while starting off merciful, can be considered already bloodthirsty if the protagonists provoke him or do not follow his instructions. He beats up Conrad, and can cut off the end of his ear if Conrad insults him. He can also shoot Conrad if he tries to escape. He can also punch Fliss in the face if she calls for help, and shoot Julia if Alex doesn't back down. His more merciful side is shown more if Fliss fails to get a grip onto the boat during the storm as he saves her life.

In the Ourang Medan, he is shown to be more prone to violence, likely because he is unnerved by the ship. This is shown in multiples scenes where he can kill a protagonist directly. Having a distributor cap and by the influence of manchurian gold, Olson feels power over the lives of the protagonists, since without a cap they won't escape.

Man of Medan

Duke of Milan

While riding his speedboat, Olson encounters the Duke of Milan and accidentally brushes the dive buoy, damaging his boat. Olson complains to Fliss and Conrad, to which Conrad answers by throwing money on the water. Angered and humiliated, Olson leaves the scene.

During the night in the middle of a rainstorm, Olson, along with Junior and Danny attack the main protagonists to make them hostages. All of the protagonists except Brad are captured and locked in a room. Then Olson orders Junior and Danny to bring Fliss and then Conrad. He states to Fliss that nobody knows where they are and that she should cooperate. Then seeing Conrad, he punches him multiples times in the stomach and the face. If Conrad acts defiantly, Olson punches him even more and can cut a tip of his ear before bringing him down in the room again. Olson then asks Julia to be brought and interrogates her about her family.

Still discussing cooperation with Fliss, Conrad can try to flee on the speedboat, and Olson can shoot one or multiples if Alex does not prevent him from doing so, and kill him if the player fails to dodge the bullet. If Conrad takes Junior hostage and fails to choose either to take the gun offered by Olson or to escape, Junior manages to put him down and Olson shoots Conrad in the right knee. Olson then asks Fliss to ask for a weather update in the radio and warns her not to try anything. If Fliss loses her balance, Olsen catches her up. After discovering the coordinates mentioning the Manchurian Gold, he demands Fliss to take them to the SS Ourang Medan, believing the ship to harbor secret treasures.

SS Ourang Medan

In the SS Ourang Medan, Olson locks the protagonists in a room, leaving Junior as a guard and goes exploring the ship to find the Manchurian Gold. After being warned by Junior of the escape of the protagonists, Olson uses the distributor cap as a bait. If Fliss and Brad are still on the team, they try to take the distributor cap but are captured individually or both of them in the process by Olson's henchmen.

Searching for his prisoners, Olson spots Julia and Alex on a catwalk. He breaks it with his sledgehammer and make them fall into the water. Then, he jumps into the water in order to chase both of them, appearing as an Alex Doppelganger to Julia or a humanoid to Alex. If the player fails QTEs, Olson can kill Alex by slitting his throat or by bashing his head against the door, or he can kill Julia by stabbing her in the back or by snapping her neck.

Getting suspicious of Danny, Olson ties him up on a chair and interrogates him. He accuses Danny of withholding information about the location of the gold. If Danny was not drowned by Alex, he denies. Olson is dubious of his claim and stab him in the gut if he is still alive. If Danny was drowned, he stays motionless. He then puts him on a table, leaving him for dead. Then, Olson wanders around the area. During this time, Olson can spot Alex and another protagonist if they fail to stay calm. If Olson spots them, he chases the protagonists before losing them.

Depending on the player's choice, a protagonist can encounter a mad Olson in the cargo hold with the distributor cap. Olson attacks the protagonist and breaks a door open, inundating the area. Olson can kill a character by either choking them or by preventing them from escaping the closing door, cutting both Olson and the protagonist's bodies in half.

If Olson does not die after the scene in the Cargo Hold, he is seen running and screaming in an unknown direction with the distributor cap. He then dies of a heart attack due to the effects of the Manchurian Gold.

After being dead, Olson can still appear as a demonic hallucination by Alex, impersonating either Julia, Fliss, Conrad or Brad. If Alex stabs the hallucination, the protagonist being impersonated dies.

On an ending, a still alive Danny scouts an area and finds the body of Olson. Checking if he is still alive, Olson suddenly wakes up with red eyes glowing and chokes Danny to death.

Killed Victims

  • Alex (Caused or Direct, Determinant)
  • Julia (Caused or Direct, Determinant)
  • Fliss (Caused or Direct, Determinant)
  • Conrad (Caused or Direct, Determinant)
  • Brad (Caused or Direct, Determinant)


"Hey, we got damage here. You see this? Look at our boat!
- Olson to Fliss and Conrad
"Think about what you're doing, boy."
- Olson to Conrad
"I'm the captain now!"
- Olson to Alex
"Which one of you is gonna tell me about this... "Manchurian Gold"?"
- Olson to the protagonists
"What's the problem with sharing all that gold huh? There must be plenty of that to go around! More than enough! And we're all in this together! Tryin' to cut me outta the deal?"
- Olson to the protagonists


  • He shares the same character model as Andre Tanguy 'ENVOY', the undercover NIA Asset from Supermassive Games' mobile game Shattered State. He also shares the same model as Vince from the Dark Pictures next installment Little Hope.
  • One of Olson's lines: "I'm the captain now!" is a reference to the 2013 film Captain Phillips.
  • Olson is the only character (excluding Joe and Charlie) who cannot survive the events of Man of Medan.
  • In an unfinished and cancelled climax ending, Olson dies by falling into electrified water, either alone or with a protagonist shall they try to pull him up.[1]
  • It's unknown in the ending where Danny is strangled if he really died or if he's hallucinating Olson chocking him.


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