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You could be right about my family...
— Megan

Megan R. Clarke is a supporting character in The Dark Pictures Anthology's second installment, Little Hope. She was the adopted younger daughter in the Clarke family and also one of those who died during the fire in their home in 1972. She was voiced and motion captured by Ella Rose Coderre.


Megan is a little girl with a white complexion. She has green eyes and straight long black hair just below her shoulders. Her hair is styled with two bangs on the sides, covering her forehead, and combed behind the ears. All of this is complemented by a white headband. Megan also has creases under her eyes and a gap between her front teeth.

In the prologue, Megan wears a white long-sleeved night gown with buttons. In the main game, Megan wears a school uniform consisting of a red vest with a white shirt underneath, a gray skirt, black tights and black shoes.


Megan is a troubled child with a rebellious demeanor. She is a poor pupil, has bad grades, often absent or late for class, and often stays after school, which according to Anne, has been going on for four weeks at the time of the prologue. Tanya also describes Megan in her diary as a living hell who must be watched constantly or she will cause havoc somewhere.

In the prologue, Megan is shown as quiet and taciturn. She seeks attention from the family but finds herself neglected. This causes Megan to start talking to her doll as an imaginary friend and to refuse attempts by relatives to talk to her.

Initially, it seems that Megan sets a fire not only because of her personal resentment toward her family, but also because of the negative influence of Reverend Carson, who was fond of the occult. However, as can be found in some subjects, Megan had no sinister intentions toward her family and that the fire is in fact an accident.

Little Hope


Megan was born on June 16, 1960 and was subsequently adopted by spouses Anne and James Clarke, becoming the younger sister for Tanya, Dennis and Anthony. A couple of months before the events of the prologue, Megan became rebellious, causing her mother to seek help from Reverend Carson, who became Megan's moral mentor. However, this did not help the situation, as Megan continued to study poorly and Carson began to detain her after prayers.



Megan is first seen in front of her parents' bedroom, where she overhears Anne and James arguing about her. Later, she goes down to the living room and is watching TV when James comes in and changes the channel. Megan goes to her room and on the way she steps on one of Dennis's records, causing him to yell at Megan.

When Dennis goes up to the attic to put the records away, Megan approaches him. She tries to talk to him, but Dennis replies that he is busy and Megan leaves. Megan then walks up to Anne as she fills the tub and says that she heard Anne parents talking about her, to which Anne replies that she wants to take a bath, while leading Megan out of the bathroom. As Anne closes the door, Megan goes to her room, looking at the key, hinting that she locked the door.

After a while, Tanya comes to Megan and tries to talk to her sister, but she refuses. Suddenly, Tanya is startled by a crow crashing into the window and goes out to the balcony where she finds herself locked in. Tanya starts asking Megan to let her out, but she ignores her. When Anthony hears Tanya yells out for him and goes outside, Megan goes down to the kitchen. Looking at the stove on, she talks to the sinister dark figure about her family. Her doll, standing too close to the stove, catches fire and falls to the floor, setting fire first to the kitchen, and then to the whole house.

During the fire, Megan watches James die and then runs upstairs. As the fire intensifies, Megan starts screaming for help. Anthony can choose to save her, but either way, Megan burns to death. After a while, Megan is buried in the cemetery with the rest of the deceased family members.

Main Story

As the protagonists make their way through Little Hope, they can find secrets related to Megan and her family. They also meet a mysterious girl who looks exactly like Megan, who first causes the bus crash and then leads the group through some plot locations. At the end of the game, when it turns out that everything was Anthony's hallucination, Megan is revealed to be the prototype of Mary. Also, if Anthony is left in Little Hope and tries to shoot himself, Megan shows up next to him and either yells at him, causing Anthony to kill himself, or comforts him, stopping Anthony from committing suicide.

Killed Victims

It is generally assumed that Megan purposefully caused the fire that led to the following deaths, but some evidence suggests otherwise. The prologue is Anthony's dream of the fire and not the actual incident, so this section is disputed.

Chapter Character Mechanism of Kill Condition
Family Anne Assist - Suffocation due to smoke inhalation Always happens.
Dennis Assist - Impaled on spear fences Always happens.
James Assist - Crushed by debris Always happens.
Tanya Assist - Neck snapped Tanya went down the drainpipe.
Assist - Burned alive Tanya went in the window.
Herself Always happens.



James is Megan's adopted father. Even though James knew about the problems with Megan, he neglected her, worrying more about the factory. However, in spite of this, James still showed concern for his daughter, asking Anthony to keep an eye on Megan.


Anne is Megan's adopted mother. Anne cared for her daughter and tried to deal with her rebellious behavior. However, in the prologue, tired of fighting with James, Anne ignored Megan.


Tanya is Megan's adopted older sister. Tanya was often annoyed by her sister with her strange behavior and the need to constantly keep an eye on her. But despite that, Tanya cared about her sister as she decides to check on Megan after she got upset about their parents' quarrel, though Megan refused to talk to her.


Dennis is Megan's adopted older brother. Dennis found Megan annoying and saw her as a walking disaster. During the prologue, Dennis was angry with Megan twice, the first time when she stepped on his record and the second time when he thought Megan was swinging the ladder when Dennis went up to the attic.


Anthony is Megan's adopted older brother. The two didn't speak in the prologue, but it was shown that Anthony cared about his sister. He was worried about Megan's problems, as well as he can choose to save her during the fire.

While feeling guilty for the deaths of his family members, including Megan, Anthony, however, also subconsciously holds her responsible for the fire. This is shown in her hallucination that led to the car crash and the protagonists' confinement in Little Hope, as well as Mary, whom the group blames for the witch trials. In the finale, if Anthony stays in the town and tries to commit suicide, Megan (her spirit or Anthony's hallucination) will either scream at Anthony, causing him to shoot himself, or stop her brother and comfort him.


Reverend Carson became Megan's moral mentor at Anne's request in order to deal with her rebellious behavior, which, however, didn't help. Moreover, Megan disliked and even feared Carson, as she cried after reading the correspondence between Anne and Carson (as shown in the comics) and drew him as a monster tormenting her.




  • Anthony recreates Megan as the unnamed girl in 2020 and Puritan Mary Milton in 1692.
    • In the game files, the 2020 girl's name is Melissa.
  • It is possible that Megan didn't actually cause the fire and it was an actual accident. This can be confirmed by the fact that the events of the prologue take place in Anthony's dream and are his interpretation of the tragedy.
    • Moreover, the Grandfather Clock secret implies this as well, as it would be illogical for Megan to put the key back in the clock while the house is on fire
  • According to Megan's grades, Art was the best subject for her, with an average C grade, while Writing, History, Science, and Physical Education were the worst subjects for her, with average F grades.
  • Megan has a history of playing with matches, according to Tanya's diary.
  • According to the grave, Megan's middle name begins with R.


  • Megan is one of the majority of characters in the anthology who always dies.
    • Moreover, Megan is one of the majority of characters in the anthology who dies from burning.
  • Megan is the third/fourth member of the Clarke family to die in the fire.
  • Mary's death by burning became the basis for Mary's execution.
  • Since Megan is a child, her death can be censored with the camera focusing on the burning background instead of Megan's body.


  • Megan shares the same face model as Joe's son from Man of Medan.
  • Megan is the only Anthony's deceased relative, on the basis of which a demon wasn't created.
  • Megan and Mary are the youngest characters in the anthology.
  • Megan is one of the majority of characters in the anthology with a full name confirmed. In Megan's case, her full name is Megan R. Clarke.
  • Megan is one of the majority of characters in the anthology who has confirmed relatives. In Megan's case, she has James and Anne as her parents and Anthony, Dennis, and Tanya as her siblings.


"Can you believe they are at each other again? I can..."
―Megan to her doll as she eavesdrops on parents quarreling
"They don’t notice me at all. They don’t care. They're not interested. They don't see me. To them, I'm invisible. That isn't right at all. I'm not doing that!"
―Megan to her doll while Tanya eavesdrops on her
"You could be right about my family... I think so too."
―Megan to a dark figure before starting a fire.


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