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I am called Mary. Would you kindly come play with me?
— Mary

Mary Milton was a supporting character in The Dark Pictures Anthology's second installment, Little Hope. She was a Puritan and Tabitha's and David's younger sister. She was voiced and motion captured by Holly Smith.


Mary was a young girl with light skin, light green eyes and long, dark brown hair (although only opened bangs were visible).

She wore the traditional clothing for Puritan girl - a long black dress with white cuffs of each end, a white apron and a pair of brown leather pilgrim shoes with black laces. Due to the events of the story, Mary ended up with several stained body parts, including her face, which was pretty dirty, full of coal.


Upon first meeting, Mary appeared as a friendly and innocent girl, inviting Andrew and Angela to play with her. To the other residents of Little Hope, Mary was a problem child with strange interests that could easily be confused with witchcraft.

With the advent of Carver, Mary's behavior changed - she became deceitful, accusing Amy and not helping Tabitha when she was arrested and smiling when they were sentenced to death. However, this behavior shows Mary's resentment, rather than her sinisterness - Amy often scolded her for strange games and Tabitha took the poppet from her, albeit for good purposes. During the accusations and execution of David, Mary, on the contrary, tried to acquit him and asked Carver to spare him.

As it turns out in the finale, Mary, although she looked responsible for the courts, was in fact the victim herself. She didn't want to harm the town and its inhabitants, but was forced by Carver's threats.

Little Hope


Mary first appears in flashbacks when Andrew and Angela find her poppet. She grabs them and, introducing herself, invites them to play with her. Mary starts jumping around the fire, but the hooded woman who appears scolds her for it. Noticing Andrew and Angela, the woman leaves in shock and Mary follows her, calling her Amy.

Soon Mary hides from Carver in a barrel, but he finds her and begins to scold her. He think that Mary is using black magic because he felt someone grab his hand or saw Mary speaking with someone. Mary says that it is actually Amy and she saw her talking to someone. Carver believes her and leaves with her.

Before Amy's trial begins, Mary comes along with the siblings Tabitha and David. Carver takes Mary away and threatens her to keep quiet about their secret, but Judge Wyman tells Carver to start and Mary go to the family. During the trial, Mary fakes a seizure and stops when Amy touches her, making the villagers believe she is a witch.

After Amy's execution, Tabitha takes Mary's poppet to protect her, despite her sister's pleas for the doll to be returned. When Isaac comes to their house to arrest Tabitha for making the poppet, Mary refuses to tell the truth. This leads to the fact that after being arrested, Tabitha is executed.

After the death of Tabitha, David becomes Mary's new keeper, but this does not last long - after seeing him talking to someone in the church, although he was alone, Carver considers him bewitched and condemns him to death. Mary asks him to stop the execution, but Carver refuses and informs that Abraham will be her new keeper. Mary is mentioned in the dialogue between Abraham and Joseph when they wanted to testify against her in court. She herself appears during Joseph's execution.

Mary is last seen at the courthouse, where Wyman accuses her of witchcraft and Carver supports him. She asks for help from Andrew and depending on his advice to Abraham, there may be three outcomes:

  • If Mary was accused, she will blame the protagonists for it as Isaac leads her to the fire. Then she will be burned as the others watch in horror.
  • If poppet was accused, during the fire, Mary will hug Andrew. It can be assumed that she dies in this fire, since the achievement for saving her is not earned.
  • If Carver was accused, Wyman will drop the charges against Mary and she will oversee Carver's removal from the courthouse, after which she will hug Andrew, thanking him for saving her.


If Mary was saved, the rest of her life remains a mystery until her eventual death at an unknown point.

Chapter Appearances

Possible Deaths

Possible Deaths
Chapter Mechanism of Kill Caused by Conditions
Full Circle Burned on stake Isaac Andrew and the other protagonist told Abraham to accuse Mary.
Presumably burned Carver (Indirect) Andrew and the other protagonist told Abraham to accuse the poppet.

Killed Victims

Chapter Character Mechanism of kill Condition
The Crossing Amy Assisted - Drowned Certain.
Pursued Tabitha Assisted - Hanged Tanya had her neck snapped in Family.
Assisted - Burned on stake Tanya had herself burned in Family.



Mary is afraid of Carver and is forced to do whatever he says, accusing people of witchcraft. When Mary tries to resist Carver and disobey him, he begins to threaten her. In the finale, Carver decided to get rid of Mary, accuse her of witchcraft. It can be assumed that Carver started threatening Mary after she learned about his secrets interest in the occultism.


Mary didn't like that Amy often scolded her for games, considering them to be witchcraft. This led to Mary accusing her of witchcraft after seeing Amy talking to someone in the woods. During the trial, Mary simulates a seizure so that the people will believe that Amy has bewitched her. Although Mary did this because of Carver, she was also glad that Amy was being executed.


Tabitha was Mary's older sister. After Amy's execution, Tabitha took the poppet from Mary, wanting to protect her. However, Mary may have disliked her sister, as she lied, saying that the doll belonged to Tabitha and smiled during her execution.


David was Mary's older brother. Unlike Tabitha, Mary loved David. When David is found talking to himself (actually with Daniel and Taylor), Mary reveals that he is trying to ward off the spirits in an attempt to defend against accusations. When David was about to be executed, Mary begged Carver to spare him, not wanting to lose him.


In the beginning, Joseph didn't take Mary seriously and considered her only a problem child. However, after the death of his wife, Joseph began to follow Mary, trying to prove that she was a witch, and also offered Abraham to support in the accusations against her. Before the execution, Joseph, like Amy, said that Mary is a servant of Satan and brought madness to the town.


Abraham became Mary's keeper after David's execution. Although Mary may have been neutral towards Abraham, he feared her, believing that Mary was responsible for the executions. He can tell the court about her and in the finale can blame her and help by accusing Carver.


When the protagonists first met Mary, they were confused, mainly by her appearance and accent. When the trials began, the group began to believe that Mary was responsible for them and should be stopped. However, while others immediately perceive Mary to be evil, Andrew is the only one who can consider her innocent and doubt that by stopping her, they will be able to escape from the demons.





  • Mary is possibly the fifth and last person to be executed.
  • Mary is the only character who can die by burning.
    • She can also share this cause of death with Megan, Tabitha, and Tanya.
  • Mary and Megan are the youngest characters to die in the anthology.
    • Also, because of this, her death is not directly showed, hiding Mary's body behind Andrew.


  • Mary shares the same face model as Joe's son from Man of Medan.
  • Mary appears as one of the outstanding features of Little Hope's cover art.
  • As the story progresses, Mary becomes more stained in coal. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Anthony's memory begins to return and he recalls Megan's death.


  • Mary is associated with the achievement "Forgiveness".


I fashioned her with my own hand.
— Mary about her poppet.
Amy is the caster of spells. She is the one in league with the devil.
— Mary pointing accusations in front of Carver.
You are mistaken dear sister, the doll has never been mine.
— Mary to Tabitha.
David is stricken with grief, he is confused.
— Mary about her brother.


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