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Four friends and their skipper set sail on a holiday diving trip, with a rumoured WWII wreck to find. As the day unfolds, and a storm rolls in, their trip soon changes into something much more sinister and terrifying!

Man of Medan is the first and debut installment of The Dark Pictures Anthology series and its first season. It is an interactive horror game developed by Supermassive Games and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for a multi-platform release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on August 30, 2019.

Man of Medan is based on the legend of the SS Ourang Medan[1] - a real-life ghost ship found in the Dutch East Indies with all its crew dead under mystical circumstances.


Prologue (1947)

In post-World War II, an American warship stops in a Chinese port, while finishing loading cargo and preparing to sail away. In the meantime, two privates, Joe and Charlie, drink at a nearby market and try to entertain themselves by playing punch dummy games in one of the multiple stores and asking a fortune teller about their future. Back on the ship, the drunk guys start a fight, but they are separated and arrested, with Joe taken to the infirmary and Charlie taken to the brig. During the night, the ship is caught in a violent storm when lightning strikes, causing a fog to come out of the cargo, which spreads across the ship.

Joe and Charlie wake up to gunshots from outside and, getting out of their rooms, examine the suspiciously empty ship, finding many dead soldiers along the way. Armed in one of the cargo holds, the guys split up on their way to the neighboring hold. Once there, each of the duo sees the other dead and encounters a menacing being who kills them. The rest of the crew die as well and the empty ship is left adrift in the ocean.

Main Story (2019)

After the prologue ends, the player finds themself in the repository, where they meet The Curator. He says that he is here to record the player's story. After explaining the gameplay, he brings the player back into the game. Over the course of the game, The Curator holds several meetings where he summarizes the results and offers the player clues.

In the present day, four friends (brothers Alex and Brad, Alex's girlfriend Julia, and her brother Conrad) and Fliss, the skipper of their boat, the Duke of Milan, embark on a dive trip to the South Pacific Ocean in search of the WWII wreck plane. When their hunch is correct, Alex and Julia dive to investigate the wreck, where they find a document about Manchurian Gold and take it as a souvenir. Meanwhile, Conrad and Fliss wait for the couple to return and encounter a trio of fishermen whose boat was damaged in a collision with the Duke's recoil cable. The fishermen ask for reparation, but Conrad taunts them by throwing money into the water, causing the embittered trio to swim away. When Alex and Julia get back, the group discusses the document they found (which is not without displeasure from Fliss, who warned them not to take anything), after which the guys end the evening with a scary story.

At night, while the guys are asleep, three fishermen whom Conrad had pissed off earlier - Olson, Junior, and Danny - sneak onto the Duke. They attack the group and take everyone hostage except Brad who managed to hide. Conrad comes up with a rescue plan where they either try to confront the pirates or Conrad tries to sneak out to the pirates' boat and swim away for help. This plan ends in either Conrad's death, his escape, or capture by the pirates. Searching the Duke, the pirates find a document of the Manchurian Gold and head for the treasure at the said coordinates. The groups eventually arrive at the long-lost WWII war frigate, the SS Ourang Medan.

The fishermen board the ship, but before doing so Junior takes the distributor cap from the Duke so that the protagonists couldn't escape via that boat. Minutes after boarding the ship, the pirates lock the protagonists in an empty room, with Junior left to guard them and Olson and Danny searching the ship for gold. The group realizes that their main goal is to retrieve the distributor cap, as without it they cannot sail the Duke, and having successfully escaped, they set out in search of it. Wandering around the ship, some heroes begin to notice fleeting silhouettes, but do not attach importance to it. Finding the cap, Fliss and possibly Brad try to return it, but Danny catches them.

The trio goes through the workshop, where Danny gradually falls into a panic at the sight of many dead bodies. This culminates in him fleeing in fear from some unseen menace, leaving Fliss and Brad to continue their journey through the ship alone. They pass through Cargo Hold 3, but when Fliss passes into the corridor, the door closes, separating the protagonists. Fliss is forced to walk further down the corridor all alone when she is attacked by a horde of undead soldiers, but she manages to escape. Parallel to this, Brad either gets caught in a loop trying to catch up with Fliss or gets out of hiding on the Duke and goes up to the ship after the others. Either way, Fliss and Brad meet in Cargo Hold 2, but see each other as a threat (the Grim Reaper and an undead soldier, respectively) and probably try to kill each other. Otherwise, if Fliss is out on the balcony and Brad finds a gas mask, they immediately recognize each other and proceed to look for the others together.

Alternatively, Alex, Julia, and Conrad follow them and find themselves in the main deck, where they realize they've lost the latter. Conrad himself wanders into the officers' quarters. There Conrad encounters the attractive Sailor Girl who begins chasing him down, gradually turning into a decrepit old woman. During the chase Conrad can die in many ocassions and also kill the Sailor Girl. At the end of the chase, Conrad climbs to the top of the funnel, where he realizes that all this time he has been running away from Fliss/Brad. Meanwhile, Alex and Julia find themselves in the partially flooded Cargo Hold 1. There they encounter Olson, who destroys the bridge the couple is standing on, causing them to fall into the water. They are rescued by Danny, but the pair sees him differently (Alex's double to Julia and a swollen corpse to Alex) and attacks him. After getting out of the water, the duo tries to escape from Olson and during the chase one of the protagonists may be killed. Subsequently, Alex and Julia reunite with Conrad, Fliss, and Brad, after which the group takes refuge in the weather deck.

The protagonists discuss their visions and come to the conclusion that everything they have seen is the result of exposure to Manchurian Gold, which turns out to be a biochemical weapon. They try to call for help over the radio and contact the military, but before they can say anything, the radio goes out. The two protagonists go down for the generator and turn it on, giving the second group time to report their coordinates and possibly the name of the ship as the radio finally breaks down. Meanwhile, the first group tries to get out of the engine room, but runs into a hallucinating Olson as he interrogates Danny about the gold. The duo successfully escapes from the pirate, only to run into Junior who has also started seeing hallucinations and threatening them with a gun. During the scuffle, Junior either shoots one of the protagonists and himself or calms down with the rebreather (which the protagonists can pick up in the engine room) and joins the group.

The further course of the game follows one of two ways and depends on the player's decisions:

  • If Alex is alive and stayed with someone in the radio room, they will hear gunshots and go downstairs to check. They find Olson and follow him, but due to a fallen walkway the duo splits up causing Alex to follow Olson alone while the other protagonist goes around. Alex finds Olson, who has already died from exposure to the chemical, and tries to retrieve the distributor cap while avoiding the rats. Failure of the attempt will result in Alex accidentally dropping the distributor cap into the elevator shaft and crushing it. Either way, Alex leaves and encounters another protagonist, but as he begins to hallucinate, Alex sees them as a mutated human or a bloody Olson, as well as a rat emerging from his stomach. Alex can either attack the rat, killing himself in the process or attack the apparition, wounding or killing one of his friends instead. If Alex attacks neither, he will regain concious as he with the other protagonist leave, whether with the distributor cap or not.
  • If Alex is dead, went down behind the generator, or the only one in the radio room, the protagonist will hear the shots and go down to check. They will get to Cargo Hold 2, where they will run into the hallucinating Olson and start fighting him for the distributor cap. During the fight Olson floods the area they're in, causing one of the generator protagonists to get in and join the fight. They will send a cargo door crashing down on Olson and the other protagonist, possibly leading to the death of that protagonist and even breaking the distributor cap.


There are 6 main outcomes in the game with variations depending on the surviving characters. If a protagonist died, the game will reveal his corpse. The survivors will also be shown either mourning the deaths of their friends or discussing their experiences on the ship. The endings are the following:

  1. If the survivors managed to get the distributor cap back, they will start the Duke and escape from the freighter.
  2. If the survivors failed to return the distributor cap, they will remain trapped on the ship. After a while, they debate on what to do and decide to split into two groups: one tries to sail away on the dead Duke and the other stays aboard the abandoned freighter and searching for rations. However, in either case, both groups die.
  3. If the survivors managed to get the distributor cap back, but Conrad escaped, the ending will be the same as Ending 1, except some time later Conrad sails up to the freighter with the coast guard boat but cannot find anyone, so he goes aboard the ship in search of the guys, where he most likely die after suffering from the Manchurian Gold.
  4. If the survivors failed to return the distributor cap, but Conrad escaped, the ending will be the same as Ending 2, except some time later Conrad sails up to the freighter with the coast guard boat and saves the survivors.
  5. If the survivors failed to return the distributor cap and Conrad failed to escape, but the military was called but doesn't know the name of the ship, the ending will be the same as Ending 2, except some time later the military arrives via helicopter to rescue any survivors. The protagonists are then interrogated and imprisoned.
  6. If the survivors failed to return the distributor cap and Conrad failed to escape, but the military was called in and knows the name of the ship, the ending will be the same as Ending 5, except some time later the military arrives via helicopter to shoot all survivors.


During the credits, The Curator comments on the player's ending and the number of survivors, where he either congratulates them, tells them they could have done better, or laughs and jokes if they killed everyone on purpose. After all that happens, he mentions that he and the player will meet again in Little Hope or somewhere else.

After-Credits Endings

  1. If the player managed to save Julia, but didn't fully decompress and then chose to drink beer, Julia will start collapsing in pain as she suffers and dies of decompression sickness.
  2. If the player failed to retrieve the distributor cap, characters who tried escaping via the dead Duke will be shown sickly and sunburnt in the vast ocean, while characters who stayed on the ship will be shown suffering from hallucinations.
  3. If the survivors escaped and the military wasn't given coordinates, Danny will regain consciousness from his injuries. He will wander the ship and come across Olson's corpse, which will suddenly stand up and strangle Danny.
  4. If the survivors escaped and the military was given coordinates, Danny will regain consciousness from his injuries. A military helicopter will arrive and two soldiers enter the ship, investigating it. One of them is suddenly hit in the face with a sledgehammer as the other soldier looks to see Danny wielding the hammer, who then slams it down on the other soldier.

After one of these endings, a short teaser is shown announcing the next installment in the anthology, Little Hope.

Cancelled Ending

This cancelled ending climax [2] was supposed to be a possible way to end the story on another note, although it wasn't carried to its end probably due to the lack time. This possible ending can only be found in the debug mode of the review version of the game and is leftovers from what the ending could have been and as such is buggy.

It was a deviation from Olson or an alternate version of Flooded after the moment when half of the Cargo Hold 2 becomes flooded. Olson, in a panic, tries to escape and climbs to the upper floor of the hold, only to be surrounded by protagonists: on the one hand the character Olson had to fight with, and on the other, the character from the flooded cargo hold.

The duo tries to convince Olson to give them the distributor cap, but he doesn't listen to them, having lost his mind. One of the protagonists pushes the barrel of oil to Olson, but he breaks it, which causing the broken wires to electrify the water and start a fire. Olson throws a barrel at the boxes of Manchurian Gold, which, after interacting with electrified water, spreads over the cargo hold. Trying to take the distributor cap by force, the protagonists fight with Olson and also begin to hallucinate. At the end of the fight, Olson falls into the water and dies of electric shock, despite trying to hold on to the edge of the balcony. The protagonists take the distributor cap and leave.

If Junior is alive, he will appear during the battle and try to calm his brother down, convincing him to give the distributor cap to the protagonists. Olson will drop it and begin to fall. Protagonist 1 will be able to rescue him or take the distributor cap. It can be assumed that Protagonist 2 will be given the opportunity to help Protagonist 1 pull Olson out or take the distributor cap. This could lead to Olson dying along with Protagonist 1, or Olson surviving, but the distributor cap would fall into the water. Hence, it can be assumed that in the finale, the Ourang Medan sinks and the survivors escape on the Duke, on which they escape, die, meet Conrad on the coast guard boat, or meet the military.


See The Dark Pictures Anthology#Gameplay for full gameplay of the anthology.

Man of Medan has a strict auto-save system that prevents players from reloading the save file to an earlier point in the game if they regret their decision. The only way to change the player's choice is to start a new game or play chapters individually (which is available only after a full playthrough), giving the opportunity to overwrite an old file or create a new one.

Man of Medan is designed in such a way that to see all the content of each game, the player has to complete it many times for different scenarios and endings with different combinations of circumstances and surviving characters. The installment is fairly short and take 3-6 hours to complete (in Shared Story, the walkthrough is shorter due to players playing multiple chapters at the same time at some points). Each chapter has two protagonists (one per Cut), but in Act 3 almost all protagonists can be played, depending on their status and player decisions.

Throughout the game, players face moral dilemmas (run or fight, attack or not, etc.) and are given three or two choices - rationality ("Head"), emotionality ("Heart"), or say/do nothing. However, the player is given 5 to 10 seconds to make decisions, depending on the situation. Large and important decisions that can affect the outcome of the game are recorded with bearings. After making a decision/action, the current protagonist's traits and/or relationships are updated, which the player can view in more detail and see what and how they have changed.

The gameplay is mainly focused on exploration and finding useful items and collectibles (pictures showing possible future events and secrets revealing the tragedy of the SS Ourang Medan). When finding collectibles, they are saved and available to the player, even if they have not found them in the current playthrough. Collecting all or specific secrets, as well as beating the game, rewards the player with bonus contents (comics, concept art, interviews, etc.). Apart from the exploration, the game contains action scenes in which the player either has to perform QTEs for a limited time or pass Keep Calm segments.

Finally, the anthology offers several game modes: Theatrical Cut and Curator's Cut (singleplayer modes that allow players to play the game from a main or alternate perspective respectively) and Shared Story and Movie Night (multiplayer modes that allow two players online or 2-5 players offline to play the game respectively).


Man of Medan follows five main protagonists, who sail through the South Pacific Ocean for a summer dive trip, only to find an abandoned warship. They are young adults, including four American tourists and their French Polynesian skipper of their boat, the Duke of Milan.

Supporting characters and antagonists include several former inhabitants aboard the Ourang Medan in post-WWII, a trio of pirates, and paranormal visions that frighten the characters aboard the ship.


Supporting Characters



In-Game Music

  1. Of Stormy Seas and Howling Winds
  2. The Temerity of Youth
  3. Tempestuous Waters
  4. Ghost Ship
  5. There's a Storm Coming
  6. You Are Not My Brother
  7. Bringer of War
  8. Where's the Skipper
  9. Never Been Down There
  10. You Cannot Hide
  11. Understanding
  12. No Idle Threat
  13. Olson's Theme
  14. Ripples from the Past
  15. Confrontation
  16. Redemption

Other Music


The game was first introduced with a small trailer [3] released in some Supermassive Games' main pages (such as YouTube), showing the five protagonists and some of the key locations during the story. It is also known the title of the entire anthology in which Man of Medan, as the first installment of this new and big project, is part of: The Dark Pictures.

Fliss and Brad in the playable demo.

Later on, it was released a little gameplay [4] during Gamescom 2018, in August 22. The gameplay showed a preview of the game and its mechanics, such as the Bearings (similar to Until Dawn's "Butterfly Effect") in which the characters of the Curator (only the voice), Fliss, Brad, and Danny are presented in the chapter based on the fourth named character.

On Halloween, the British company released a new and extended trailer [5] compared with the first and official one, in celebration of that same and terrifying date. This one finally showed the appearance that the Curator would take, as he is one of the most important characters in The Dark Pictures Anthology, being the arc that develops across the anthology.

At the end of November, Supermassive released on their official YouTube channel the first Development Diary (Designing the Ghost Ship - Part 1) [6]. They explained there the importance of some of the visual elements, such as the camera angles, lighting, atmospherics... The need to develop fear of the unknown, the growth and/or evolution of this key factors. In December arrived the second part [7], where the importance of the freighter's interaction with the player is clarified, the realism necessary to create an immersive experience.

The gloom of a "ghost ship."

Months after, in March, the Development Diary got a new "section" titled "A Watery Grave" [8], also divided into two [9] parts. There, the importance of how difficult it is to emphasize the ocean and its movement, since it uses a lot of "time CG." There's a big importance to the reaction that the characters/objects have regarding the waves of the water, the reciprocity between both elements. For that to happen, the actors had to act on a movable floor that made that situation real. The five protagonists had a small presentation on the anthology's official Instagram page at the beginning of the year, in 2019. It showed that every and each single one of them could live or die, all depending on the player's decisions. Same fate as the teenagers from Until Dawn had in their horrifying adventure.

Sailor Girl's cosplay, at PAX East 2019.

At the end of March-April, the game showed the same footage it showed during Gamescom 2018, but this time at PAX East 2019, for all those who didn't try the game yet. Their mission this time was to promote the anthology more and more to the point of becoming popular, more than before. They also counted with the influencers Hannah and Leah Stacey, two very daring twins who set out to haunt the video game event in search of all intrepid and brave discoverers of the game. All dressed in as one of the scariest features of the game, the Sailor Girl.

In late May, the team finally raised the official release date with a small trailer [10] that would cover several of the locations during the story, such as the Duke of Milan and the SS Ourang Medan. The first installment of the anthology would arrive late in August.

Ship located in Hamburg, Germany.

Two months later, in July, Supermassive would host some of the most popular content creators in two of its venues (both British and American) [11] in order to get more details of the title and play two new chapters: Ghost Story and Intrusion, in this case. The visit would consist of a small tour of the facilities of a huge ship to the protagonist in the game, with a couple of scares along the way.

A few weeks after the launch of the product, some videos were posted on the official Supermassive YouTube channel in which one of the main stars of the game (Shawn Ashmore) was interviewed alongside the game director, Tom Heaton [12]. New gameplay features would also be specified days later. This time, it would not only be cross-platform unlike Until Dawn, but would also feature multiplayer and shared story mode, both better known as Shared Story and Movie Night. Two individual modes would also be included in the game, which would allow the player to enjoy two different perspectives in each one of them: Theatrical Cut and Curator's Cut [13]. The second one would only be available after passing the first playthrough in Theatrical Cut mode.

Tom and Shawn going into game details.

According to Tom Heaton, the game's director, the developing process was "A couple of years, and maybe a little bit longer in the development phase. We did eighteen months of writing it, developing the scripts, the branching elements... Then we've got Shawn and the other actors in, do the performance capture, and maybe another year putting all together," all explained without lack of details alongisde Ashmore itself, in a Bandai Namco press conference a few days before the release of the title.

A new and last launch trailer [14] would come later, in August 28, to present the final concept of the game, and for those who didn't realise of its existence.


General ratings of the game.

The game obtained general and favorable reviews for the PC version, while the other two, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, were met with mixed and/or average reviews according to review aggregator Metacritic.

Man of Medan was the third best-selling game in the United Kingdom in its week of release, behind Astral Chain and Wreckfest. During that same week, 81% of the game's retail copies were sold on PlayStation 4, versus 19% on Xbox One. However, the game didn't reach the same level of physical sales in comparison to Supermassive's 2015 title Until Dawn, selling 61% fewer physical copies at launch than the PlayStation 4 exclusive.

As for fans, the biggest complaint the game got was the number of hours in which the story lasted, since the 2015 horror title lasted approximately 8 hours, while this new one would arrive at approximately 4 hours. Another complaint was some of the new mechanics such as the "Keep Calm!," since in Until Dawn the DualShock 4 had to remain still, and that added pressure, which was a great point for a "terrifying experience." In Man of Medan, as the game is multi platform, the player had to press a button according the "heart beats" on the screen.

Overall, the game received a lot of positive reviews from both experts and fans, who supported the first chapter of a promising series of horror stories.

The Independent Game Developers' Association[15]
Best Action and Adventure Game Won
Best Audio Design Nominated
Creativity Award Nominated
Best Social Game Won
2019 Golden Joystick [16]
Best Multiplayer Game Nominated
Animation, Technical Nominated
Camera Direction in a Game Engine Nominated
Direction in a Game Cinema Nominated
Lighting/Texturing Nominated
Visual Innovation of the Year Nominated
Narrative Innovation of the Year Won
16th British Academy Games[19]
Performer in a Supporting Role (Ayisha Issa) Nominated

Special Releases

Press Kit Edition

The Press Kit Edition[20] is a limited edition release of Man of Medan. It features a copy of the game, a book-shaped hardcover packaging with the characteristic symbols of the anthology, as well as a paper with some key facts, a skull-shaped clipboard with the wind rose, and a trio of ultra rare pocket watches, similar to The Curator's. It is available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Russian.

Volume 1 Edition

The Dark Pictures Anthology Volume 1.png

The Volume 1 Edition is a collection bundle featuring copies of both Man of Medan and Little Hope, as well as their respective pins (ship and poppet), a cloth map, and a 4-disc steelbook.

Triple Pack Edition

The Dark Pictures Anthology Triple Pack.png

The Triple Pack Edition is a collection bundle featuring copies of Man of Medan, Little Hope, and House of Ashes, as well as pins (ship, poppet, and eclipse), a cloth map, and a 4-disc steelbook.



Shroud of Innocence, a book about the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.

References to Man of Medan appear in other installments of The Dark Pictures Anthology:

Man of Medan contains many references to the other installments in The Dark Pictures Anthology:

  • References to Little Hope appear as Julia's book associated with witch trials, Conrad's tank top with the words "Salem, 1692, Massachusetts", and a soldier called Arthur Miller, who shares the same name with the author of "The Crucible", a play about witch trials.
  • References to House of Ashes appear as an article in the 1947 Newspaper about a missing expedition and Conrad's joke about Dracula family in caskets.
  • References to The Devil in Me appear as an article in the 1947 Newspaper about the murder of a gangster near a hotel and the Ritual Book.


  • Man of Medan was (at least in 2019) the most branching game narrative that Supermassive Games did previously, even much more than Until Dawn.
  • Man of Medan is the only installment released in the 2010s.
  • The title of the game is the literal translation of the ship's name - "Ourang" comes from the Malay language and means man (also roughly translated from "Orang" in Indonesian), while "Medan" is the capital city of North Sumatra in Indonesia.
  • The canceled ending better matches reality, as the real Ourang Medan was blown up and sunk instead of continuing to drift in the ocean.
  • The debug mode in the game (only accessible for those who possess the review version of the game) include the ability to skip to the desired scene and to check the possible decisions that have could been made along the way. (For example whether Julia's leg got injured during the dive or if Alex emphasized with Junior during the taking of the Duke of Milan).




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