It's all gone changing on me!
— Junior about the Manchurian Gold

Junior is one of the three main antagonists in The Dark Pictures Anthology debut, Man of Medan. He is the younger brother of Olson, and Danny's companion. He was voiced and motion captured by actor Chimwemwe Miller.


Junior has a deep complexion, dark brown eyes, and short black hair (almost shaved). He has a bunch of tattoos around his body. One of them is covering the left forearm while the other one covers his entire right arm reaching the chest.

His accessories consist of a dark green bandana (with a light colored lotus flower in the center) that covers a big part of his head, a long silver necklace that surrounds his neck and falls to his chest and a purple watch accompanied of a black bracelet on his left wrist.

During Intrusion, Junior wears a dark green raincoat (matching with his henchmen) on top of his clothes, which consists in a gray tank top (with military print) and ripped dark purple shorts. He's barefoot due to the fact that he works and comes from the ocean.


Junior initially comes off as demanding and cruel but as the story progresses he's revealed to be the more lenient of the Duke of Milan's squad. As evident when he offers a flashlight to Alex when he complains about the room they're trapped in as "pitch-black", and is frustrated with Olson's actions towards the protagonists, stating he never wanted to hurt them and that the plan was only to rob them. Like Danny, Junior is submitted to the will of Olson.

Man of Medan

Duke of Milan

Junior is aboard on a speedboat driven by his brother Olson when they bump on The Duke of Milan and accidentally damage their boat on the diving buoy. Asking reparations to Fliss and Conrad, the latter give to their demands by throwing money in the water.

Angered, Junior accompanied with Olson and Danny decide to attack the Duke of Milan at night in a middle of a storm for money motivation. Going on board hooded and swiftly to subdue the protagonists, Junior and his partners tie up Fliss, Julia, Conrad and Alex but miss Brad who is hiding. He locks them in a room and keeps checks on them. He then brings Fliss and afterwards Julia to Olsen for asking information. Depending on the player's choice, Junior can be hold hostage with a knife by Conrad. Unless Conrad tries to escape, Junior always manages to break free and pin Conrad down.

Killed Victims

  • Julia (Intentional, Determinant)
  • Brad (Intentional, Determinant)
  • Alex (Intentional, Determinant)
  • Fliss (Intentional, Determinant)
  • Himself (Intentional, Determinant)


"This kid's trying to kill me, Olson!
- Junior to Olson, talking about Conrad
"You know what I like to hear? Nothing. That's right. Nada. Complete fucking silence. Get it?"
- Junior to the protagonists.
"You think I wanted to hurt anybody? I didn't get a choice in this, did I?"
- Junior to the protagonists.
"Ahh not again! It's all gone changing on me!"
- Junior to the protagonists.


  • He shares the same character model as Ted Mosely, the churchwarden from The Inpatient, Tom Nelson, a detective from Hidden Agenda, and young Vincent from The Dark Pictures: Little Hope.
  • Junior is the only antagonist who can escape the Ourang Medan.
  • Junior can kill every protagonist except Conrad.
  • Junior can have an injury on the forehead for the remaining of the game if Conrad hits him with his bottle beer during the assault in the Duke of Milan.
  • In the ending where the protagonists are stranded aboard the ship, Junior will always prefer going on the Duke of Milan and consequently die.
  • In a cancelled climax ending where Olson is confronted by the protagonists, Junior can intervene and try to reason his brother. His intervention gives time for the protagonists to steal the distributor cap from Olson. [1]
  • The rebreather is required to prevent Junior from committing suicide, otherwise it is inevitable for Junior to die.
  • If Junior is saved, he only speaks to direct the protagonists towards Cargo Hold 2.


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