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This article is about The Dark Pictures Anthology's first installment, Man of Medan .


It was insane. It was like traveling through time.

Julia is one of the five main protagonists and a playable character in The Dark Pictures Anthology's first installment, Man of Medan. She is the younger sister of Conrad and the girlfriend of Alex. She was voiced and motion captured by Arielle Palik and was modelled on Zara Sparkes.


Julia is a young woman with fair, slightly tanned skin. She has hazel eyes and medium wavy straw blonde hair tied in a bun at the back of her head. The hair forming the fringe is held back first with dark brown sunglasses, and then with a black headband.

During the day, Julia wears a black swimsuit with asymmetric holes in the chest area, a black bracelet on her right wrist, small denim shorts and completely white sneakers. She also paints her nails black. While diving, Julia wears a black and yellow vest, a short black neoprene, yellow flippers and yellow rebreather gear. Her bun is a lot more tight, holding all her hair back on top. While sleeping, Julia wears Alex's t-shirt reaching up to the waist.

Following the abduction by the pirates, Julia returns to her original image, but with a few changes. Besides replacing the sunglasses with a headband as mentioned earlier, Julia replaces a black swimsuit with a light pink summer knotted crop t-shirt with a tropical pattern in the center.

As the game progresses, Julia may suffer various injuries, such as a cut on her right leg, a bullet wound on her right temple, and a cut on her left forearm; the first two injuries are later patched. If Julia accepted Alex's proposal, she will wear a silver engagement ring on her left hand. During the kidnapping, the pirates take the ring, although Julia can get it back if the protagonists examine Danny's body in Depths.


An Ivy League university student, Julia's educated and assertive, seeking out thrills and new experiences. She's willing to argue to get her own way.

Julia's profile at the start of the game.

Julia is very positive and cheerful, always having a good mood. She is full of enthusiasm in search of new experiences, though she can get carried away and act recklessly.

Julia is smart and savvy, as evidenced not only in some of her ideas and tricks, but also by the fact that she is a student at an Ivy League University. Despite her fragile appearance, Julia, even when distressed and scared, is able to stand up for herself and is not afraid to fight back.

While Julia is usually friendly, she is not without flaws. Like her brother, she can behave rudely and arrogantly, like a typical spoiled rich child. For example, Julia disregards Fliss' requests not to dive into an unreported wreck or at least not to touch anything there, arguing that they have paid a lot for a trip, so Fliss should do her job without meddling in other people's business.


Julia was born May 13, and along with her older brother Conrad, came from a rich family in the East Coast of the United States. She enrolled at Ivy League University, where she soon met and started dating a boy named Alex. They decided to spend the summer on a dive trip in the South Pacific Ocean as they hadn't seen each other for a long time, and could also introduce each other to their brothers, Brad and Conrad.

On June 20, 2019, Julia, along with her brother Conrad, Julia's boyfriend Alex, and Alex's brother Brad went on a summer vacation to French Polynesia. With the help of Fliss, skipper of the Duke of Milan which they would stay in for the trip, Julia would have a trip of a lifetime with her soulmate. However, her trip took a turn to the sinister when three pirates ambushed the Duke and drove them to an abandoned WWII freighter. Her fate would then be decided by the player's decisions, in which she would either escape or die like the former passengers of the ship.

Man of Medan[]

Main Story[]

Act 1[]

Julia and Conrad arrive on Duke when the Smith brothers are there, and Julia talks to her boyfriend about their separation. When Fliss, the boat's captain, arrives, all five of them sail into the ocean.

The group manages to find the wreck they need, after which Julia and Alex, having prepared the rebreathers, plunge into the water. Exploring the sunken ship, the couple takes several pictures and finds a document, after which they float back. Along the way, Alex can make Julia the proposal, which she can accept or reject. Almost reaching the surface, they notice explosions on the boat, but are forced to wait for decompression, although Julia may ignore this and surface earlier. Finally surfacing, the couple learns about the explosions, after which they tell about the wreck/their engagement.

In the evening, the couple talk about their relationship and, together with the others, discuss the found document about Manchurian Gold, although Fliss scolds them for their recklessness and disrespect for the dead. The group ends the night with Brad's scary story.

At night, pirates sneaks on the Duke and Danny, one of them, takes Julia and Alex hostage. They, along with Conrad, come up with a plan - either to take the boat away from the pirates or escape on a speedboat - although Julia doesn't participate in it and again becomes a hostage. Julia, along with the others, is initially in the cabin, but as the storm intensifies, she gets out onto the deck, where she sees the SS Ourang Medan.

Act 2[]

The pirates, thinking that there is Manchurian Gold on the ship (which they have already learned about), climb on it and take Julia and the other protagonists with them, whom they lock in the room. There, the group discusses the stolen the distributor cap and after looking around the room, escape through the vent.

Having escaped from Junior, Julia and the others examine the upper deck and begin to experience fleeting hallucinations (in Julia's case - unknown soldier). While in a cargo hold, Julia observes Fliss's (and/or possibly Brad's) failed attempt to reclaim the distributor cap. Following the captured protagonists, the group goes to the main deck. Passing through the medical bay, Julia and Alex notice that they have lost Conrad.

While looking for him, the couple find themselves on the bridge in Cargo Hold 1, where they encounter Olson. He breaks the bridge with a sledgehammer, causing the couple to fall into the water and briefly lose consciousness. As Julia wakes up, she sees Alex and Danny, but due to hallucinations, Julia sees the latter as one of Alex's doubles. The couple gets out of the water and starts to run away from Olson. At the end of the chase, Alex may die due to Conrad accidentally blocking the road, but otherwise he reunites with the other surviving protagonists and flees to the controls room.

Act 3[]

Julia, along with the other survivors, discuss the hallucinations they saw and try to understand what happened on the ship, based on the secrets they found, after which the group decides to find the radio. After reaching the radio room, the group manages to contact the military, but due to a lack of power, the radio turns off. Finding a hole to the lower deck, the survivors discuss who will go downstairs, where Julia can go with Brad/Alex/Fliss.

If Julia went downstairs, she, along with another protagonist, will enter the lower deck and find the engine room, activate the generator. In the next room, the couple stumble upon a hallucinating Olson and run away from him. Before that, they will find the rebreather and can take it, and Julia can also find her ring. Escaping from Olson, the protagonists encounter a hallucinating Junior threatening them with a gun. Julia can be shot if she cannot convince Junior that she didn't breath the mist, or save him if the protagonists have previously taken the rebreather.

If Julia is the only one left in the radio room, after hearing the gunshots, she will decide to go down to search for the others. Eventually, Julia reaches Cargo Hold 2, where she fights Olson and can secure the distributor cap. Depend on decisions made and whoever opened the bulkhead door, Julia may survive the encounter, die by being split in half, being choked by Olson, or electrocution. If Julia survives, she returns to the others, optionally with the distributor cap.

Noticing Olson on the balcony, Julia (possibly with another protagonist and Junior) runs after him. She can dive into the flooded part of Cargo Hold 2, from where she will be washed into the main part of the hold. Depend on decisions made and whoever opened the bulkhead door, Julia may survive the encounter, die by electrocution, or have her head smashed by Olson. If Julia survives, she returns to the others, optionally with the distributor cap.

If Julia was left in the radio room with Alex, after hearing the gunshots, they go down to the lower deck, where they bump into Olson. Following him, the pair split up, with Julia forced to walk through the balcony. Passing through the office, Julia accidentally causes the elevator to fall into the shaft and run to see she encounters a hallucinating Alex. During the encounter, Julia can be stabbed to death, see Alex suicide, or calm him down, and then returns to the others, with or without Alex and the distributor cap.

The End[]

At dawn, Julia and any other surviving protagonists gather on the weather deck near the Duke of Milan. Her further fate depends on the player's decisions:

  • If the distributor cap was taken, Julia will leave the ship on the Duke.
  • If the distributor cap was destroyed, Julia will either remain on the ship or try to escape on the inactive Duke.
    • If Conrad escaped in a boat, he will save Julia.
    • If Conrad doesn’t escape and the military was called, they will fly over and arrest Julia.
      • If the military found out the name of the ship, they will shoot Julia.

If Julia survived, she will talk about his experiences on the ship or mourn the dead.

  • If Julia didn't decompress and drank the beer, she will have decompression sickness and die.

Possible Deaths[]

Possible Deaths
Chapter Mechanism of Kill Caused by Conditions
Revenge Stabbed in the back Olson Conrad didn't escape on the speedboat; Conrad is alive; Alex took the knife in Caskets; Julia is behind Alex when they reach the door; Julia fails QTEs to escape OR Alex failed certain QTEs.
Neck snapped Conrad didn't escape on the speedboat; Conrad is alive; Alex didn't take the knife in Caskets; Julia is behind Alex when they reach the door; Julia fails QTEs to escape OR Alex failed certain QTEs.
Junior Shot in the head Junior The protagonist with Julia agitates Junior.
Flooded Split in half by cargo door Alex Olson opened the bulkhead door; Julia fails QTEs to escape Olson (Theatrical Cut).
Choked Olson Same condition; The lever is not pulled (Curator's Cut).
Electrocution Herself (Voluntarily) The diving protagonist opened the bulkhead door; Julia helps Olson; The diving protagonist doesn't help her.
Herself (Voluntarily) Same condition; Olson kills the diving protagonist; Julia attacks Olson.
Electrocuted water Same condition; Julia does nothing.
Head smashed by sledgehammer Olson Julia opened the bulkhead door; The other protagonist grabs the distributor cap; Both protagonists fail QTEs.
Matters of the Heart Stabbed multiple times Alex Alex stabs the hallucination at least twice OR Julia fails to convince Alex.
The End Shot Soldiers The group gave the name of the ship to the military; the distributor cap is destroyed; Conrad did not escape on the speedboat.
Decompression sickness Herself (Voluntarily) Julia didn't decompress in Dive; Julia drank the beer in Ghost Story.

Killed Victims[]

Chapter Character Mechanism of Kill Condition
Flooded Alex Split in half by cargo door Olson opened the bulkhead door; Julia pulled the lever; Alex failed to escape Olson while being strangled under the cargo door.
Brad Same condition; Brad failed to escape Olson while being strangled under the cargo door.
Conrad Same condition; Conrad failed to escape Olson while being strangled under the cargo door.
Fliss Same condition; Fliss failed to escape Olson while being strangled under the cargo door.
Olson Same condition.
Assist - Electrocution The diving protagonist opened the bulkhead door; Olson kills them; Julia attacks Olson.
Same condition; Olson doesn't kill them; Julia attacks Olson.


Julia's default relationships


Main article: Alex and Julia

Julia is Alex's girlfriend and possibly his fiancee. They met at university and have been dating for several months and despite for a short time, their relationship has become serious. However, while Alex decides to move on to the next stage of their relationship and tries to propose Julia, she doubts her feelings.

Their relationship is tested during the events of the game. First, during the dive, when Alex makes a proposal to Julia, where she can accept or reject it. This seriously changes their relationship, as the couple will be happy about their future life together or will think that they need to be apart for a while. Then, on the Ourang Medan, where the couple spend most of their time together. While exploring the ship and facing threats, the couple can help and console each other, or vice versa, ignore words and criticize

In the end, if the distributor cap is saved, Alex and Julia either stay married or break up. If the distributor cap is destroyed, Julia can either stay with Alex or follow Fliss instead.

  • The Curator comments on Alex's love for Julia is unrequited.
  • Julia talks with less enthusiasm when Brad asks about what was seen during the diving.
  • Julia drinks beer against Alex's advice about decompression sickness. (Curator's Cut)
  • Julia pushes Alex away in the Duke of Milan when she loses her balance and fall on Alex.
  • Julia prefers to smash through the wall herself instead of Alex. (Theatrical Cut)
  • Julia refuses Alex's attempt to comfort her when she sobs over Conrad's death.
  • Julia scolds Alex for telling her to be careful when swimming in the Ourang Medan and says she can take care of herself.
  • If stranded on the Ourang Medan, Julia prefers going on the Duke of Milan instead of staying in the Ourang Medan.

  • The Curator comments on Julia and Alex's love life.
  • Julia follows Alex's advice about decompression sickness and does not drink beer. (Curator's Cut)
  • Julia lets Alex smash through the wall. (Theatrical Cut)
  • Alex tells Julia he loves her before she goes swimming.
  • If stranded on the Ourang Medan, Julia prefers staying with Alex on the ship.


Conrad is Julia's older brother. They have a typical sibling relationship and differ in personalities, where Conrad is silly and Julia is smart and calm. Sometimes there are small skirmishes between them, mostly when Conrad jokes at the wrong moment or does something stupid that annoys his sister. Despite this, they sincerely love and care for each other. This is especially evident when one of the siblings dies and the other mourns them.

In the end, if the distributor cap is destroyed, the siblings can stay together or disperse.


Prior to the events of the game, Brad and Julia had never met. Despite this, Julia has heard a lot about Brad from Alex's words and feels that she already knows him. She is also the reason why Brad was invited on the trip, as she wanted to get to know him in person.

Despite this desire, they rarely interacted in the game. However, Brad and Julia still get along and are worried about each other. Julia, having found an anti-aircraft shell, decides to show it to Brad. During the storm, Julia is the first to express her feelings for Brad, fearing that he might drown. If Brad died, Julia will blame herself, saying that if she hadn't invited him, it wouldn't have happened.


Prior to the events of the game, Fliss and Julia had never met. However, at the first meeting, they disliked each other: Fliss because she saw Julia as a typical spoiled rich kid and Julia who was annoyed that Fliss got into her business, although she was paid and she had to do her job.

On the ship, their relationship may improve slightly when Julia can help Fliss to reclaim the distributor cap, which will cause Fliss to allow Julia to go down into the engine room.




See also: Category:Pictures found by Julia

  • Julia is tied with Alex for finding the second most pictures, with 6.
    • Julia can find 2 white pictures, 3 black pictures, and 1 gold picture.
  • Only Julia can find Devil and the Deep.
  • Julia appears in 3 pictures: Keelhaul, Devil and the Deep, and In the Offing.


See also: Category:Secrets found by Julia


  • Julia and Alex began their relationship after meeting each other at an Ivy League Unversity.
  • Julia's highest base relationship status is with Alex.
  • Julia's lowest base relationship status is with Fliss.
  • Julia and Conrad were both raised in the East Coast of the United States.
  • Julia is currently studying at an Ivy League university. Moreover, she attends the same university as Alex, which led to their meeting and courtship.
  • Julia may be between 18-21 years old due to the fact that she is at an Ivy League school working on a degree.


  • Alex and Julia are the third and final protagonists who can die, starting with Revenge.
  • Julia is tied with Conrad and Brad for having the second most deaths (with 10) and tied with Conrad and Alex for having the least chapters to die in (with 5).
  • Julia is the only protagonist who has a unique death in the ending chapter, that being decompression sickness.


  • Julia shares the same face model as:
  • Julia had a different look in some of the trailers. She was originally meant to be wearing a white v-neck t-shirt, beige shorts and white sneakers. Also, she was supposed to have her hair down but it was changed due to the hair being hard to create in water.
  • For the diving trip, Julia brought a book about the Salem Witch Trials titled Shroud of Innocence. This is a reference to anthology's second installment Little Hope, where the same book can be found in the Clarke Family Home in the Family chapter.
  • Julia and Alex are the only characters in the game who always wear shoes.
    • Conrad also belongs to this group until the end of Act 1, after which he starts walking barefoot.
  • Julia is the only protagonist who never hallucinates the other protagonists as threats.


  • Julia has 6 trophies associated with her:
    • She shares with the other protagonists the trophies "That's something, I suppose" and "Not a sole survivor".
    • She shares with Alex the trophies "Lovebirds" and "Yes! Yes, I'll marry you!".
    • She shares with Fliss the trophy "Girls' night out".
    • Her personal trophy is "Remember who's signing the checks".


Come at me, Shark!
Yes! Yes, I'll marry the shit out of you!
Coast guard! The coast guard are here! Everybody flush their meth! We gotta get rid of all the meth! We can't let them take us alive!
Fuck! Motherfuckers!
They asked about... our parents. How much money they have...
This whole place is a floating deathtrap.
Oh yeah sure. Big man on campus!
What the fuck is going on with this ship? Because I gotta be honest it feels like there's some, like... like, evil, like literal evil going on down there.
Uh... you are not always going to be there to protect me, big guy. I can handle this, trust me.
We know the crew were scared shitless of something.
This couldn't have anything to do with the plane wreck we dived?
I saw Alex. And it wasn't Alex, it was... someone else. But they looked just like Alex. He was sneering at me.



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