Is that the truth? Cause you better hope it is.
— Julia to Fliss

Julia is one of the five main protagonists and a playable character in The Dark Pictures Anthology debut, Man of Medan. She is Conrad's younger sister and Alex's girlfriend. She was voiced and motion captured by actress Arielle Palik.


Julia's debut outfit.

Julia has fair skin and hazel eyes. Her messy, light blonde, neck length hair is collected in a bun, and her fringe is held back by dark brown sunglasses.

In The Duke her clothing consists of a black swimsuit (matching the color of her nails) with asymmetric holes in the chest area, the bottom half of her swimsuit is covered by high waisted dark denim shorts. She's also wearing white sneakers with white laces.

Later, during the Dive scene with her boyfriend, she wears a yellow rebreather similar to Alex’s, with a yellow and black vest accompanied by a short black neoprene. This time her bun is a lot more tight, holding all her hair back on top.

Overnight, during Ghost Story, she puts on the same clothing she had at the very beginning, and when she goes to sleep before Intrusion, she switched out the glasses for a black headband and she puts on Alex's white an gray baseball t-shirt, which is very big on her.

Finally, from the kidnapping scene until The End, Julia wears the same high waisted denim shorts and white sneakers she wore before, accompanied by a new light pink summer shirt with tropical turquoise details in the center of it, tied in a knot that leaves her abdomen exposed, as well as a black bra underneath.

Depending on the development of the story, she may have a bracelet on her right wrist and an engagement ring on her ring finger.


An Ivy League university student, Julia's educated and assertive, seeking out thrills and new experiences. She's willing to argue to get her own way.
— PlayStation


Julia is described in-game as excited and reckless. Conrad says that she likes to be in the "driver's seat".

She is an enthusiastic person who does not tolerate things or people getting in her way, to the point of disregarding Fliss' warning about the exploration of the airplane wreck.

Julia can be impatient and rash at times, like when she can choose to risk her life for a piece of paper in the wreck, or when she can choose to resurface without decompressing.

Man of Medan


Julia comes from a rich family alongside her older brother Conrad. Both were raised on the East Coast of the United States. She's a cultured and assertive young woman who seeks new experiences in her life. The opposite of Conrad.

Her relationship with her brother always had ups and downs, especially because of their differential tastes and their competitiveness.

Julia is fearless and doesn't waste any time, that's why she is her parent's hope and she at times has to be like a mother to her more childish older brother Conrad.

Julia fell in love with Alex, a young medical student who she at the start of the story hadn't seen for approximately two weeks, which is why she decided to organize the summer trip, so she could spend more time with him, and get to know his little brother Brad.


The Duke

On June 21st of 2019, Julia and her boyfriend Alex, along with their respective brothers Conrad and Brad, go on a diving trip together. When they arrive at the boat their Skipper named Fliss shows up, she immediately gets down to business and doesn't waste any time on talking to the group.


During this chapter Julia serves more of a background role as she is preparing for the dive. However, this chapter is decisive in the relationship between Julia and Fliss because she criticizes the group for not wanting to follow the rules, which annoys Julia. The chapter ends with Julia and Alex diving into the water.


Julia and Alex enter through a hole in the tail of the plane wreck, if the player misses the QTE while Julia is climbing into the wreck she will cut her leg open on a piece of metal.

As the couple are exploring the wreck they find a tube in which they can see a piece of paper, if the player chooses to investigate it, Julia will remove her rebreather and enter the tube in order to reach the paper. As she is swimming through the tube she is surprised by an Octopus jumping out at her, but it quickly passes by. If no QTE is missed Julia will pick up the paper and when she has it in her hand the tube breaks and she falls out, although Alex quickly gives her the rebreather back. Through reading the paper Julia and Alex find out that it was a rescue plane.

Further into the wreck, Julia can find a bullet in the fuselage, as well as some lifeboats (one of which is missing). Nearing the cockpit there's a corpse holding a locket with a picture of a loved one. If the player decided to take the bangstick in the previous chapter, it will be used to open the door to the cockpit, otherwise they will use the knife which will break in the process.

Due to unseen happenings above the ocean, the cockpit is cut off from the rest of the wreck, and Julia and Alex are forced to evacuate. As they are getting ready to swim out another piece of paper is floating in the water, as soon as Alex has it in his hand a shark tries to bite him and then swims by. This paper has the coordinates to the 'Manchurian Gold'.

As they are swimming to the surface Alex stops Julia, and depending on what advice Brad gave him earlier in the game he either proposes to her or doesn't, the player can then choose to accept the proposal or think about it. They will then keep swimming and Alex will stop Julia again in order to decompress, but as he says that there's an explosion on the boat, here the player can choose to either decompress or immediately swim to the surface. If the player chooses to resurface right away this can have serious consequences later on. Once the couple is at the surface they will find out that the explosion came from the barbeque, which Conrad had accidentally set ablaze.

Uninvited Guests

Her appearance (like Alex's) is brief in this chapter. She appears at the end, just after investigating the wreck and after obtaining/or not obtaining the engagement ring.

Ghost Story - Theatrical Cut

At the start of the chapter, Julia and Alex talk to Brad and delve into detail about their diving experience, and (if it occurred) the marriage proposal. Depending on how the proposal went they will act differently in the scene, extremely happy if everything went well, and sad otherwise.

After a private conversation with Alex about their future together, Julia looks for Brad, when she finds him they head downstairs and get Fliss and Conrad, they all head up to the stern of the Duke. Before sitting down to have a drink Julia goes to find the coordinates that Alex grabbed underwater. She then joins the rest of the group for a drink, however if the player chose not to decompress earlier in the story they will be given a choice to drink or not, if Julia drinks it will have grave consequences.

Her participation in the remainder of the chapter will be somewhat more muted, since Brad will be the one who "lights" the rest of it with a horror story. Julia can participate with small comments in the meantime.

Intrusion - Curator's Cut

While the protagonists are sleeping, a group of fishermen who Conrad had angered board the Duke of Milan. Julia and Alex are surprised by one of the fishermen (Danny), Alex tries his best to fight him off but to no avail as everyone gets tied up and put in a row.

They try to remove the tape that's covering their mouths so that they can talk and devise a plan. Junior walks in to grab Fliss and take her outside. Conrad recognizes Junior's face and realizes that this is all his fault, he tells Julia and Alex this which angers them. Junior comes back and grabs Conrad this time.

Julia and Alex try to get rid of their zip ties with a cuticle clipper that Julia found in her plastic case on the ground. That's when Junior appears again and throws an injured Conrad back in with the couple. Now Julia is grabbed and taken outside, leaving Conrad and Alex to try to come up with a plan.

After being questioned by Junior, Julia reunites with Conrad and Alex, she reveals to both of them what happened during her absence. Junior asked her about her parents (and Conrad's) and had stolen her engagement ring (if she accepted Alex's proposal).

With the three protagonists locked up and Fliss still outside, Conrad decides to climb on the edge of the Duke in order to reach the fishermen or the speedboat.

  • If Conrad takes the speedboat and fails to get out of there alive, Julia will be devastated by her loss and (during the beginning of the next segment) will look out the window with hope that he's alive out there somewhere.
  • If Conrad gets shot in his right leg, Julia will worry about him.

Depending on the other protagonists and their decisions, Julia can get shot in the temple.

  • If Alex provokes Olson and doesn't release Danny, Fliss will push Olson and cause him to shoot at Julia and leave her unconscious.
  • If the matter calms down and Alex steps down due to Olson's threats, everything will be fine and Julia will leave the situation unscathed.

No matter what, the group will end up in the dining room of the Duke, being held at gunpoint by Junior. Danny looks through the drawers and finds the coordinates to the Manchurian Gold and gives it to Olson.

Storm - Curator's Cut

Depending on the actions previously taken by the youth, they will be in the dining room with Junior in absolute silence. While Julia will listen to the words of the dangerous man, her boyfriend will blame Fliss for what happened and accuse her of participating in the actions with the fishermen. This will depend on both relationship. Julia will not seem to pay attention to his words, she will be worried about everyone's health rather than the secondary and tiny things like that, which also have no proof of that.

Fliss will be called again, this time by Olson. Meanwhile, the group formed by Julia, Alex (and possibly Conrad and Brad) will remain silent (or not) depending on Alex's behavior, who will put Julia's nerves if he doesn't behave correctly.

With the dangerous storm outside and the enraged sea, the water will begin to enter the boat, prompting the nerves of the young and rich girl to rise, who will convince Junior shouting to him to get them out of there, as the water begins to overflow. Fliss (yet outside with Olson) will be able to help Julia (or not) once she will be hit by a strong wave that will return her inside. If she help her, their relationship will calm down for once.

With everyone out and safe from "drowning", Olson will guide them in the maritime storm to an abandoned freighter in the middle of the Pacific, which will not please the young blonde at all.

Abandoned Ship - Curator's Cut

With all the group already within that terrifying and rusty tunnel of terror, Julia will advance in the midst of her companions and her kidnappers, as long as she is not left alone for a second.

She may have some interaction with some objects left along their way. Thereafter the fishermen will lock them up in a lonely and dark room.

Trapped - Curator's Cut

Julia will remain in the background during this chapter. She will bring some good ideas and help Alex to open the ventilation duct while their mates will try to distract the fishermen outside.

After a lot of action in the middle of this situation (and with a possible captured Fliss) the group will directly access the corridors of the upper deck to find an escape.

An Escape - Curator's Cut

Along her journey through the aisles of the ship, Julia will notice a strange shadow chasing her in the corners of the ship that will alarm her.

Later, the group will find a corridor that connects to a garage full of military cars and boxes. In one of those boxes Olson will leave the distributor cap in sight of the boys in order to capture them knowing that they will come for it for getting an escape.

If Fliss escaped with them through the ventilation duct, she will be the one who jumps down the balcony first and will be captured by Danny. Conrad will be frustrated to have tried to guide her and not been able to do anything. The same could happen with Brad if he's the one with the guys and decide to jump to help.

In order not to be seen Julia, Alex and Conrad will run after the stairs right next to them with access to the main deck. Julia will be the only one worried about leaving Fliss behind, considering that their main plan was to chase them to rescue her.


During this chapter Conrad will go in front of Julia and Alex while they are exploring behind him. They'll end to one of the kitchens of the ship where Julia starts to get paranoid (thinking they're walking in circles) and Alex can take a dangerous and rusty knife. Thereafter finishing in one of the infirmaries (with a somewhat strange appearance) Alex will have the option of giving Conrad a pill to get rid of the pain he has from the blows he recived before in the Duke. Julia won't like that at all, considering that pill was there for years and her boyfriend just gave it to his brother.

After a distraction of Julia and Alex, Conrad will end up disappearing desperately for his "beloved" Fliss getting captured by the fishermen and will go after her search. Concerned about such a situation, Julia will convince and drag Alex in order to find her lost brother. She will scream seconds later for getting Olson's attention thereafter.

Plunged - Theatrical Cut

After having shouted Connie's name and not having had any answer, Julia and Alex will decide to follow their personal path together until what whatever is in that boat decides to separate them. It will be then when a furious Olson will stamp his hammer on the unstable and rusty bridge in which the couple is and will provoke them fall headlong into the water that awaits them below, separating their paths for a short time.

Julia, on the other hand, will return to the B-29 (product of her hallucinations) and will find the same corpse she founded in that same wreck, but this time with the appearance of her boyfriend/fiancé.

Depending on the battle Alex had with Danny on the surface while Julia was underwater, the fisherman may catch Julia off guard to get her out of the water and avoid her death. Otherwise, she will rise to the surface after encountering "her boyfriend's body".

Revenge - Theatrical Cut

During this short and tense chapter Julia and Alex must escape from the clutches of Olson, who will be chasing them for blood because of the hallucinations.

After climbing several stairs and with a nervous Alex that will trip on the road, Julia will break through first him and try so hard to make their way easier through one of the coldest and closed doors of the ship, reaching several hits without success that will force both of them to turn around and go up some broken and rusty stairs that they will must jump. Shortly after and along the attached corridor, both can split up/continue together jumping through some boxes in the middle of the way or accessing a closed room that will complicate their way to the point of having to confront Olson briefly.

  • If during the segment one of the two of them failed most of the QTEs, the other will automatically be left behind at Olson's hands to die on the spot.
  • If they got away with the "marathon" successfully, they will get through the door that leads to the Weather Deck with the rest of the group safely. Both of them.

Olson can bash Alex’s head against the door/break Julia's neck if he doesn't have the knife Alex could take in the kitchen. Otherwise, Olson can open Alex's neck/stab Julia's back several times until bleed out with the knife in hand.

Open Deck

During this chapter of confessions, Julia will be in charge of interviewing her travel companions about the clues that they could've found during their personal paths. She will also tell them her individual experience of seeing Alex's Doppelganger.

Distress Signal

Once all the main characters gathered in one of the safest places of the Ourang Medan (the weather deck) they will be prepared after an elaborate plan to reach the radio room (just where Conrad fled from Fliss/Brad before jumping the metal beams).

Julia will remain in front of her companions that will walk in the rain searching an access to the stairs that lead directly to the highest floor of the ship and where the radio itself is.

After a long road, having taken refuge inside the ship's control room and founding the radio, the group will have the possibility to talk to some military personnel who will prepare for their whereabouts, but the guys should not say anything because if they talk too much the military would end up coming and shooting all of them for knowing a lot of their passing through the ship in 1947.

Thereafter and with no light in the whole ship, the guys decide to get into a big hole that connects with two floors: the middle and lower decks.

Fliss may offer to get into the hole instead of Julia if they have a good relationship. Most likely, it's Julia who ends up going down due to her "bad" relationship with Fliss.


Once introduced into the depths of the hole, Julia and the character who is at that time with her will walk the lower deck (where Joe and Charlie were in 1947) in search of a light generator that returns the power of the radio.

Minutes later, the group formed by these two "intrepid adventurers" will have found the generator (after jumping an extra floor without stairs) and will be able to generate light again to the ship. In the meanwhile, the duo will find one of the rebreathers in the attached room right next to the generator.

  • At several steps from the rebreather, the duo can find the body of one of the protagonists if he/she fell from the top of the funnel during Glamor Girl. Depending on the meaning that the deceased has to the members of the duo, they will react in a certain way.

A few meters from the corpse there will be a room where there is an intoxicated (by the fog) Olson and a terrified Danny, who will try by all the circumstances to calm his fisherman partner in crime. His hallucinations may mean more than his actions and Olson will stab Danny in the stomach, leaving his body seconds later on a metal table. The two protagonists, who will be watching the terrible scene behind a broken wall must remain in silent due to the fact that Olson will leave the room immediately after hearing an apparent and threatening noise.

  • If during this scene they remain silent with success, both protagonists will be able to take the rebreather with them and perhaps find Julia's engagement ring.
  • If the situation goes wrong, the characters will lose the rebreather and they will not be able to use it in the future and they will not obtain the engagement ring Alex gave to her.


While escaping from Olson after several minutes of tension fleeing in silence from him, the two protagonists will gain access to a door that they can close right behind them to prevent the villain to enter. Just when that happens his brother Junior will be right behind that door to welcome the duo with a gun.

During this chapter Julia may lose her life due to a head shot if her partner admits to having breathed the fog before. Both characters can get out alive if they answer the paranoid fisherman's questions correctly. They can also help Junior if they have the rebreather with them to take away the fog of him whil he's immobilized.


With the noise of several shots in the lower deck (where two of her friends are), Julia will decide to go through the hole to get into the middle deck (one floor above) and find those who fell deep into the hole.

After crossing several corridors with blinking bulbs, Julia will find the Cargo Hold 2 and almost immediately jump down the balcony for then listen the scream of the big fish of the fishermen: Olson.

With the Manchurian Gold circulating on his brain, Olson will try to open the huge gate that contains thousands of liters behind it to flood the room and drown everyone in it, including himself. Julia may try to stop his stupid plan, but it will be too late when he gets rid of the door with his huge hammer and letting in the sea that flooded the room attached to them.

Under the water that will cover their ankles completely, Julia and one of the characters who went down to the lower deck (after appearing of the flooded room) will try to stop Olson with the door 2 (the courtins that Fliss saw while she was affected by the hallucinations).

In the meanwhile, the young woman may try to distract the fisherman's captain while the other character will access to the lever that closes the door 2 and Olson in the other half of the Cargo Hold 2.

  • Depending on how good was the execution of this plan, Julia can stay alive by the door closing without her in the middle of it.
  • She can be split in half by the closing door, just like Olson.
  • Julia can be chocked by the handle of Olson's hammer and she can lose her head by getting hit for it as well.

If all went well, Olson will be the only person who dies during the fight and his lifeless hands will get what the group needed for them to escape: the distributor cap.

Matters of the Heart

Julia's presence in this chapter is more secondary considering that Alex has more prominence than any of the other main characters. Her role here will be to accompany Alex on one of the accessible floors of the hole and even find the inexplicable noises that hide the end of it. It will be Olson screaming with the distributor cap in hand.

After that happens, they will find Olson and knowing that the only escape route is the distributor cap, Alex will decides to jump two metal beams that separate him from Olson, but one of them doesn'tt resist his weight and it will fall down, so Alex and Julia will have to separate. Thereafter when Julia will enter through a door that will lead her outside the opposite balcony where Fliss was before and she will be able to breathe fresh air again for then meet in one of the kitchens a confused and affected Alex who tries to stab her with a knife.

  • Julia will be able to calm his nervous companion and leave alive at best and, at the same time, leave the ship with the distributor cap.
  • Otherwise, Alex will stab Julia several times leaving her with a lot of cuts in various parts of her lifeless body.

The End

This is not a playable chapter and there are a lot of endings where Julia get involved as a main character. This are all of them:

  • All the survivors will escape from the Ourang Medan either with all the main characters (and Junior) or not. While they're in the way of going home they all start thinking about all the events that happened during the night. Julia will touch everything that happened during the night, as Alex and Brad will.
  • If Conrad escaped with the speedboat, he will return with a guard coast boat to rescue the rest of the main characters, including Julia.
  • If Julia decided not to do decompress underwater and decided to listen to her brother, she will die for decompression sickness.
  • If the protagonists did not get the distributor cap, if Julia's relationship with her boyfriend is good so far, she will decide to stay with him until the end of their lives, even if they have to go inside the rusty boat again. Otherwise, Julia will join Fliss and the ones who decided to go to the Duke.
  • After having contacted the military by radio, this ones would appear with an helicopter later and shoot anyone who was alive for having too much information about them.

Killed Victims

  • Alex (Unintentional, Indirect, Determinant)
  • Conrad (Unintentional, Indirect, Determinant)
  • Brad (Unintentional, Indirect, Determinant)
  • Fliss (Unintentional, Indirect, Determinant)
  • Olson (Unintentional, Indirect, Determinant)



Julia and Alex are a couple. Julia's relationship stat with Alex is the highest. According to Julia, Alex and her have been dating for a few months and their relationship has become serious quickly. Unlike Alex who is in love with Julia, Julia's feelings will depend on the player's choices. As a result, Julia and Alex can grow closer or more distant.

Relationship Consequences

Low Relationship

  • The Curator comments on Alex's love for Julia is unrequited.
  • Julia talks with less enthusiasm when Brad asks about what was seen during the diving.
  • Julia drinks beer against Alex's advice about decompression sickness. (Curator's Cut only)
  • Julia pushes Alex away in the Duke of Milan when she loses her balance and fall on Alex.
  • Julia prefers to smash through the wall herself instead of Alex. (Theatrical Cut only)
  • Julia refuses Alex's attempt to comfort her when she sobs over Conrad's death.
  • Julia scolds Alex for telling her to be careful when swimming in the Ourang Medan and says she can take care of herself.
  • If stranded on the Ourang Medan, Julia prefers going on the Duke of Milan instead of staying in the Ourang Medan.

Normal/High Relationship

  • The Curator comments on Julia and Alex being love life to each other.
  • Julia follows Alex's advice about decompression sickness and does not drink beer. (Curator's Cut only)
  • Julia lets Alex smash through the wall. (Theatrical Cut only)
  • Alex tells Julia he loves her before she goes swimming.
  • If stranded on the Ourang Medan, Julia prefers staying with Alex on the ship.

Relationship Increases

  • If Julia accepts Alex's proposal, her relationship with him will greatly increase.

Relationship Decreases

  • If Julia refuses Alex's proposal, her relationship with him will greatly decrease.


Before the events of the Ourang Medan, Julia and Brad have never met but Julia has heard a lot about him from Alex. Also, Julia seems interested in meeting Brad as Alex can reveal to him that it's the main reason Brad is on the diving trip. Their relationship stats starts as neutral. Despite Julia's interest in meeting Brad, they don't interact much during the story.

Relationship Increases

Relationship Decreases


Julia and Conrad are brother and sister. Julia has a good relationship with Conrad, as his relationship stat is the second highest. Julia is accustomed to Conrad's excessive behaviors, like his drinking habits and jokingly says that she has been studying it for years or apologizing to Fliss about acting "like a horny fifth grader". She can be annoyed at her brother's constant jokes and has a hard time taking him seriously. However, if Julia finds Conrad's corpse, she sobs over his death.

Relationship Consequences

Relationship Increases

Relationship Decreases


Julia and Fliss heavily dislike each other. Julia's relationship with Fliss is lower than the average. This is due to Fliss disagreeing in the beginning about diving in the wreck plane without alerting local authorities, to which Julia disagrees. If Conrad talks about Fliss' fake diving license, Julia even proposes to use this as a bargaining tool in case Fliss tries to prevent them from diving.

Relationship Increases

  • If Julia apologizes to Fliss, her relationship with Fliss will slightly increase.

Relationship Decreases

  • If Julia doesn't apologize to Fliss, her relationship with Fliss will slightly decrease.

Relationship Consequences

  • If Julia's relationship with Fliss is low, Fliss will offer to go down the hole in the radio room instead of Julia.



  • She has 5 official playable chapters in Theatrical Cut, that being one in Dive (6:12 P.M.), Ghost Story (10:07 P.M.), Plunged (2:52 A.M.), Revenge (3:11 A.M.) and Open Deck (3:32 A.M.).
  • She has 5 exclusive playable chapters in Curator's Cut, that being one in Abandoned Ship (1:01 A.M.), Trapped, An Escape (1:43 A.M.),Depths (4:05 A.M.) and Junior (Chapter) (4:19 A.M.).
  • Depending on the player's decisions she can also be playable in Distress Signal (3:43 A.M.), Olson (4:34 A.M.) and Matters of the Heart (4:44 A.M.).
    • This makes her one of the least playable protagonists (tied with Brad).
  • Julia appears in 19 chapters (20 with The End segment).
  • During the chasing scene with Alex's Doppelganger, if Julia is the first person to open the door to the outside and Conrad is alive, Conrad can appear briefly as a clown. This can happen if the player mainly choose "Heart" answers with Conrad, which are mainly jokes or flippant responses. [1]



  • Julia can find the most number of clues out of all the protagonists (tied with Alex), with twenty four.
    • 3 in Theatrical Cut and 7 in Curator's Cut. The other clues will depend on the decisions previously made by the player.
  • Flight Plan (#30) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Dive.
    • Julia is the only character capable to find this clue. To do this you will have to turn the paper once the track is taken underwater in Dive or when she go for it in her suitcase during Ghost Story.
  • Anti-Aircraft Shell (#49) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Dive.
  • Missing Lifeboat (#40) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Dive.
  • Guard Duty (#26) - Curator's Cut, Abandoned Ship.
  • 1947 Newspaper (#44) - Curator's Cut, Trapped.
  • Private Miller’s Letter (#28) - Curator's Cut, Trapped.
  • Guard Duty Roster (#14) - Curator's Cut, An Escape.
  • Private Reed’s Letter (#45) - Curator's Cut, An Escape.
  • Engineer’s Logbook (#7) - Curator's Cut, An Escape.
  • Journal (#11) - Curator's Cut, An Escape.
  • Anti-Aircraft Shell Casing (#50) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Distress Signal.
  • Gas Mask Instructions (#3) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Distress Signal.
  • Ship’s Logbook (#42) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Distress Signal.
  • Nautical Chart (#9) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Distress Signal.
  • Navigator’s Notebook (#10) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Distress Signal.
  • Radio Operator’s Final Message (#29) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Distress Signal.
  • Minutes of Meeting (#49) - Curator's Cut, Depths.
  • Private Patterson’s Medical Record (#27) - Curator's Cut, Depths.
  • Engine Room Telegraph Log (#8) - Curator's Cut, Depths.
  • Military Order (#34) - Curator's Cut, Depths.
    • To pick up this clue there's not much time. She must have passed the QTE with Olson, enter the room and quickly go to the feet of Danny's body for turning quickly the note.
      • She can also pick up her own engagement ring in Danny's right hand if she decides to investigate it.
  • Casket Shortage Memo (#36) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Olson.
  • Diplomatic Immunity Contract (#46) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Matters of the Heart.
  • ID Badges and Documentation (#12) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Matters of the Heart.
  • Toxins Research (#33) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Matters of the Heart.


The following contains information from PlayStation and Bandai Namco Entertainment pages related to the game.

  • Julia and Conrad were both raised in the West East of the United States, in a privileged environment.
  • Julia and Alex began their relationship after meeting each other at an Ivy League school.
  • Julia's highest base relationship status is with Alex due to the fact that they're in a relationship, and the second is with Conrad, her older brother.
  • Her lowest base relationship status is with Brad and Fliss, both unknown to her until the trip.
  • Julia is the love of Alex's life, according to The Curator.
    • The Curator will also say Alex is the love of Julia's life if she accepts his proposal.


  • Julia has the least amount of deaths out of any character in Man of Medan, which is 7.
  • Julia is the only character who can die by decompression sickness, being stabbed in the back.
  • Julia and Taylor are so far, the only protagonists who can may have broken necks.
  • Alex and Conrad will both cry desperately if Julia died in front of them while trying to escape from Olson.
  • Julia's death time by decompression sickness will depend on the ending. If the protagonists stay stranded on the Ourang Medan or get rescued by the military, she dies before the post-credits scene. If the protagonists get the distributor cap or get saved by Conrad, Julia dies during the post-credits scene.
  • If Conrad is either dead or has fled with the speedboat, Julia and Alex cannot be killed during the Olson chase scene even when failing all QTEs.
  • Julia is the only character who cannot directly kill another playable character. The only death she can be indirectly responsible for is dropping the door down on Olson and another character who failed to free themselves from him.
  • Julia is the only character who can die during The End as a result of a previously executed decision: drinking beer after not having decompressed.


  • She shares the same character model as Catherine Hope, a victim from Hidden Agenda.
  • Julia had a different look in some of the trailers. She was originally meant to be wearing a white v-neck t-shirt, beige shorts, white sneakers, and she was supposed to have her hair down.
  • Julia has to be between 18-21 years old due to the fact that she is at Ivy League working on a degree. She is also a year younger than her brother Conrad.
  • Julia and Conrad are the only protagonists to not have their last names revealed.
  • For the diving trip, Julia brought a book about the Salem Witch Trials that can be found early in the game. It's called Shroud of Innocence, written by the American author T.S. Hartley.
  • Julia and Alex are the only characters not to be barefoot on the Ourang Medan, excluding the dead soldiers and staff.


  • She has three trophies dedicated to her, those being: "Lovebirds", "Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you!", and "Remember who's signing the checks".
    • The trophy "Remember who's signing the checks" makes a clear reference to the fact that she was the one who paid for the diving trip.
  • She shares a trophy with Fliss called "Girls' night out" for having only the women survive.
  • She shares two trophies with Alex, those being: "Lovebirds", and "Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you!".


  • "Come at me, Shark!"
  • "Yes! Yes, I'll marry the shit out of you!"
  • "Coast guard! The coast guard are here! Everybody flush their meth! We gotta get rid of all the meth! We can't let them take us alive!"
  • "Fuck! Motherfuckers!"
  • "They asked about... our parents. How much money they have..."
  • "This whole place is a floating deathtrap."
  • "Oh yeah sure. Big man on campus!"
  • "What the fuck is going on with this ship? Because I gotta be honest it feels like there's some, like... like, evil, like literal evil going on down there."
  • "Uh... you are not always going to be there to protect me, big guy. I can handle this, trust me."
  • "We know the crew were scared shitless of something."
  • "This couldn't have anything to do with the plane wreck we dived?"
  • "I saw Alex. And it wasn't Alex, it was... someone else. But they looked just like Alex. He was sneering at me."


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