You should have never gone down to that plane in the first place. It's bad luck. You think you can scavenge down there and it makes no difference, but every single thing you bring back has an essence. It's like a ghost you invite to the surface.
— Fliss

Félicité "Fliss" DuBois (October 3, 1983) is one of the five main protagonists and a playable character in The Dark Pictures Anthology debut, Man of Medan. She is the skipper of the Duke of Milan. She was voiced and motion captured by actress Ayisha Issa.


Fliss' debut outfit.

Fliss is 5'8" (172.7 cm) tall and weighs 120 lbs (54.4 kg), with an athletic build. She has a deep complexion, dark brown eyes (with dark eyeshadow), and dark brown medium-long length hair with light strands that she wears in a ponytail.

She wears several accessories, like a white shell necklace around her neck and five different colored bracelets on her right wrist and bare foot. Fliss also has a couple of tattoos on her body, like the one she has in her left upper arm and above her ankle.

During The Duke, her clothing consists in an orange cropped spaghetti strap tank top with a visible black bra underneath and dark blue booty shorts. She wears no shoes, she goes around barefoot.

At nighttime, in Intrusion, when she's asleep, she has a purple shirt and gray underwear accompanied by the usual accessories. After that happens, she changes back to her first outfit.


Captain of the Duke of Milan, who hires the boat out to divers. On the surface she's prickly and aggressive, but has worked hard her entire life to make the most of the prospects available to her.
— PlayStation


Fliss is described in-game as impatient and courageous. Although she did not have a school education, she has been working very hard all her life to get the most out of the opportunities that it has provided. She's not willing to lose her current business under any circumstances.

While boarding the Duke of Milan, she almost immediately starts the boat without a proper introductions to her clients. In Dive, she can scold Conrad for not monitoring the diving of Julia and Alex.

She is superstitious as she demands the other protagonists to respect the site of the crash and is reluctant to hear Brad's Ghost Story. She also have a disdain for rich people due to her humble life.

Man of Medan


Fliss is presented as a mature and independent woman who has worked very hard all her life to move herself forward.

She grew up in one of the smallest islands of the French Polynesia while not having a school education. It's possible that she started working from an early age. That also explains why she is a little resentful towards rich people, because they have it easy and do not know what the effort is to win things in life like she did, along with being generally arrogant and careless. She thinks they are very disrespectful to her as well.

Fliss appears as a strong character, but can also act calm and respectful towards other people as she shows when Brad tells the Ghost Story. She respects everyone's opinion, even when she's in complete disagreement of it.

While resentful towards the other protagonists, she can develop a friendship with them, most notably starting a romantic relationship with Conrad, and becoming Brad's reliable friend.


The Duke

On June 21st, 2019 a group of young adults, Conrad, Julia, Alex and Brad arrive for their rented boat called the Duke of Milan captained by a young woman, Fliss. She chastises them for getting on the boat before she arrives, and ignores an attempt at flirting from Conrad.


During this chapter, the group are preparing to dive and they locate the huge wreck they were looking for with their water camera. Meanwhile, Fliss will be in charge of the controls of the Duke and supervising that everything is in order. She doesn't trust the "diving knowledge" of these strangers and that she doesn't agree with touching anything in the wreck. She also argues with the group that they should call the wreck in to port authorities.

At first she insists on aborting the mission, but Julia flatly opposes, with the excuse that they are the ones who paid for the trip and Fliss will say nothing about it. That is the beginning of a legendary feud between women.

Fliss will be available to talk with during this chapter, either with Conrad or Alex. She can have a good relationship with Conrad if he agrees not to do the dive. On the other hand, Alex will not get along so well with her because he agrees with Julia.


Fliss is mentioned briefly by Alex and Julia. Both agree that Fliss is too uptight and that nothing will happen if they decide to take a souvenir up from the dive with them.

Uninvited Guests

Now that Julia is not there, Conrad will take advantage of this alone time to flirt with Fliss, who he has already kept an eye on since the morning. She will remain in charge of the Duke and the divers. She can also interact either with Brad (who will be reading in the cabin or sick in his bunk) and Conrad.

She has the option to shut down Conrad's advances or flirt back with him.

Eventually, Conrad will call her up to the deck and she will observe with her binoculars a distant shape that approaches the Duke. Three fishermen crash into the dive cable and suffer damage to their speedboat. She will clarify that there are scuba divers underwater and next time they should be more careful while Conrad will make fun of all of them throwing dollars at them and proving that he has a lot of money in his pockets. After the enraged fishermen leave, Fliss will scold Conrad or laugh at his sense of humor.

Ghost Story

As evening arrives, everyone meets at the stern of the ship to celebrate their success in the "treasure hunt". While Julia and Alex will be inside the Duke, outside, Fliss will stay with the other Brad and Fliss, with whom she will talk about relationships and how little they know women.

The group will make Brad tell one of his scary stories, and Fliss will take it as an offense, considering they are making fun of her beliefs and the environment in which she was raised.


Tied up and gagged with everyone else (minus Brad), the group will look for a way to get rid of their ropes and tape.

Soon after everyone is together, Fliss will be taken by one of the fishermen up to the upper deck. Olson threatens her, and she curses back at him. After they bring Conrad up, Fliss tries to calm Olson down when he is threatening Conrad.

When Conrad sneaks around the edge of the Duke in an attempt to escape or fight back, she subtly shakes her head in warning. If Conrad successfully holds Junior hostage, she will try to deescalate the situation. If Alex captured Danny and refuses to release him while Olson points the gun at Julia she will tackle him, causing the gun to go off and graze Julia.

Storm - Theatrical Cut

Once the group change into more comfortable clothes, the group will meet in the cabin of the Duke to calm down. That is when Alex can blame Fliss for being working with fishermen. She will respond angrily at the accusation.

Fliss will be taken above deck again by the fishermen's captain, Olson, who will need her to send a message to the coast guard on the Duke's radio for a weather report. She can ask for help over the radio or obey and ask for details on the storm. If Fliss chooses to betray Olson, he will slap her in the face and leave her nose bleeding. Seconds after recovering from the blow (if she got one) the Duke will collide with a huge wave that will cause the boat to rock, causing Fliss to almost fall into the sea, but Olson will save her.

Olson will tell Danny to cut the speedboat from the Duke with a knife prevent them from colliding.

The dangerous storm will cause the largest waves of the sea to spill water inside the Duke, causing the cabin to fill with water. Julia will try to climb the stairs that take her outside but a wave will push her in again. Fliss will have the option to help whoever is the first one out of the cabin.

A few minutes later Olson will lead them to an old freighter of the WWII which the Duke will be pressed against by the high waves, breaking the radio's antenna.

Abandoned Ship

Minutes after twelve o'clock in the morning, the group of protagonists are told to climb onto the Ourang Medan. Fliss sees that they removed the distributor cap and that they will not be able to navigate with the Duke without it.

Fliss will walk at the front of the group alongside Danny, Junior and Alex.


Shortly after, the protagonists will be locked in the officers' dining room without a light. Luckily Fliss will light a nearby lantern with her lighter. With no time to lose, the group will start discussing escape options, as well as the guard duty not if it was found. Conrad, Fliss, or Julia finds a ventilation duct behind a rusty piece of furniture where everyone can use to escape after kicking in the grate and distracting the kidnappers to get away. Fliss will do it if Conrad is not present. She can distract the dangerous men with screams or use the table that has that room in the middle of it to barricade the door.

Depending on how good was the execution of their escaping plan, Fliss can escape with them or be caught by Junior.

An Escape

If Fliss was not caught in the previous chapter, she will walk with everyone else through the ship as they look for a way to the upper deck. As they reach the catwalk over the cargo hold, the group observes Olson leave the distributor cap seemingly unguarded on a crate, and Fliss will attempt to grab it. As she goes for the cap, Danny appears from the corridor and grabs her. If she had been captured in the previous chapter, Junior will walk in with her at gunpoint. Either way, Junior will tell Danny to take her with him to search for the engine room, and the two walk off screen.


Minutes later (and with Brad's company if he decided not to hide in the Duke) Fliss will continue her way in the lower deck with Danny, who will point her behind with a gun so that she walks forward and she doesn't escape. On the way, Danny will begin to adopt a suspicious attitude that will lead Fliss to panic when she will realize that he is mentally unbalanced and, shortly after, the man will fade away in shots triggered by him, so Fliss will continue her "horror passage" on her own.

Minutes later, the captain of the Duke will end up locked almost magically in a passage that will drive her crazier than before. It will be then when a multitude of military undead will begin to ambush her in a tunnel covered with water on the ground and she will have the option of leaving alive or not, depending on how fast she was in the middle of the spot.


This chapter is exclusive in case Brad decides not to hide under the bunk bed and remains beside Fliss during Danny's chapter. Both will be separated and Brad will end up in an L-shaped corridor that will end in a loop. During the second time down that hall, Brad will meet Fliss's Doppelganger, who will have adopted the same appearance, but this time with different colors in her clothes, darker colors. She will vanish inexplicably right behind that loop.


Seconds ahead, Fliss will throw a furniture in order to prevent entry to these horrible creatures from the previous chapter (Danny's) and will end even more paranoid when she sees that she is in the strangest room she could find on a abandoned cargo ship like that: a completely new ballroom with hardly any scratches in it. She will have the option of being able to explore the room and find mammoth quantities of dark objects, such as a blood fountain, a skull in the middle of a ritual circle, a piano that sounds completely alone without touching it...

This chapter is one of the most important, not only for Fliss but also for the other main characters because of the simple fact that thanks to the captain's exploration everyone will be able to know the mystery that is hidden behind those inexplicable facts of that horrible night: the Manchurian Gold. With fresh air in her, Duke's captain will see the real appearance of the room where she is, the Cargo Hold 2. She can also save herself from an almost imminent death if she breathes pure air outside the door attached to the boxes containing the gold. With this act, Brad (once inside the Ourang Medan after going in search of his companions) will not drive a wrench in her head. For this to happen, Brad also had to find in Finding Friends a mask to avoid the toxic air of gold and do not hallucinate by it.


After having met each other safely, both Fliss and Brad will access in one of the water chambers of the lower deck to continue their way. A few steps through the corridor, a hole will form in one of the walls through which a stream of water will flow out. Minutes later the path of both will continue and they will have to climb through an open grid in which one a few steps they'll find a door where there are broken stairs that must be reached by them and another grid over a narrow room with two doors.

One of the two characters will have to go back down and go through the same room with two doors in which one the other one will contain a giant wave of water that will cover the entire room and close the other door immediately. The one who is above the grid will have the possibility to take a broken shovel with which he/she could force the lock of the grid/the hinge.

  • If the character who is above the grid decide to force the lock, the one who is down of it will drown due to the fact that the hinge is more weak than the lock.
  • If the character who is above the grid decide to force the hinge, the one who is down of it will be saved due to the grid will be opened quickly and he/she will be able to swim safely.

Both protagonists will be able to access the broken stairs thanks to the water's level increasement that will allow them to grab it and climb.

Glamor Girl

A few minutes later, Fliss and Brad will meet Conrad in the officers' quarters, who will appear to be affected by the toxic gas that is affecting everyone on that ship. The mission of both protagonists will be to run after him and calm him down, but in one of those attempts, one of the ship's floors will break off and separate them in different paths, so Fliss will be the only able to help Conrad. Due to the hallucinations of the young man, Fliss will be locked in one of the ship's control room while he is jumping three dangerous metal beams in the attached room. Seconds after finding him, he will run to the top of the funnel, where both can fall and kill themselves on the spot. It will be then when both of them will be able to talk after breathing pure air and safe.

If Brad is dead or was hallucinating, he will not be present in this scene, but it will carry out the same way.


In this chapter Alex and Julia will flee from a dangerous and armed (or unarmed) Olson who will search one of their lives. Fliss appears briefly at the end of this short chapter meeting the survivors and ready to take refuge with all of them once everyone is calmed and ready to run under the rain.

Open Deck

Fliss's short participation in this chapter will provide one of the most crucial clues. If she exited Cargo Hold 2 before reentering, then investigated the wooden crate, she will discover that it is Manchurian Gold, and will inform the others in this scene.

Distress Signal

Once all the main characters gathered in one of the safest places of the Ourang Medan (the weather deck) they will be prepared after an elaborate plan to reach the radio room (just where Conrad fled from Fliss/Brad before jumping the metal beams).

Fliss will remain in front of her clients that will walk in the rain searching an access to the stairs that lead directly to the highest floor of the ship and where the radio itself is.

After a long road, having taken refuge inside the ship's control room and founding the radio, the group will have the possibility to talk to some military personnel who will prepare for their whereabouts, but the guys should not say anything because if they talk too much the military would end up coming and shooting all of them for knowing a lot of their passing through the ship in 1947.

Thereafter and with no light in the whole ship, the guys decide to get into a big hole that connects with two floors: the middle and lower decks.

Fliss may offer to get into the hole instead of Julia if they have a good relationship.


  • In the theatrical cut, she will only be in this chapter if she has a low relationship with Julia, as she will insist to go down because she's the captain.Once introduced into the depths of the hole, Fliss and the character who is at that time with her will walk the lower deck (where Joe and Charlie were in 1947) in search of a light generator that returns the power of the radio.

Minutes later, the group formed by these two "intrepid adventurers" will have found the generator (after jumping an extra floor without stairs) and will be able to generate light again to the ship. In the meanwhile, the duo will find one of the rebreathers in the attached room right next to the generator.

  • At several steps from the rebreather, the duo can find the body of one of the protagonists if he/she fell from the top of the funnel during Glamor Girl. Depending on the meaning that the deceased has to the members of the duo, they will react in a certain way.

A few meters from the corpse there will be a room where there is an intoxicated (by the fog) Olson and a terrified Danny, who will try by all the circumstances to calm his fisherman partner in crime. His hallucinations may mean more than his actions and Olson will stab Danny in the stomach, leaving his body seconds later on a metal table. The two protagonists, who will be watching the terrible scene behind a broken wall must remain in silent due to the fact that Olson will leave the room immediately after hearing an apparent and threatening noise.

  • If during this scene they remain silent with success, both protagonists will be able to take the rebreather with them and perhaps find Julia's engagement ring.
  • If the situation goes wrong, the characters will lose the rebreather and they will not be able to use it in the future and they will not obtain Julia's engagement ring.


While escaping from Olson after several minutes of tension fleeing in silence from him, the two protagonists will gain access to a door that they can close right behind them to prevent the villain to enter. Just when that happens his brother Junior will be right behind that door to welcome the duo with a gun.

During this chapter Fliss may lose her life due to a head shot if her partner insist there's no fog, or admits to having breathed the fog before. Both characters can get out alive if they answer the paranoid fisherman's questions correctly. They can also help Junior if they have the rebreather with them to take away the fog of him whil he's immobilized.


  • If left behind at the radio, she will always appear in this chapter, but will only be the one to go down the hole if she is alone at the radio.With the noise of several shots in the lower deck (where two of her clients are), Fliss will decide to go through the hole to get into the middle deck (one floor above) and find those who fell deep into the hole.

After crossing several corridors with blinking bulbs, Fliss will find the Cargo Hold 2 and almost immediately jump down the balcony for then listen the scream of the big fish of the fishermen: Olson.

With the Manchurian Gold circulating on his brain, Olson will try to open the huge gate that contains thousands of liters behind it to flood the room and drown everyone in it, including himself. Fliss may try to stop his stupid plan, but it will be too late when he gets rid of the door with his huge hammer and letting in the sea that flooded the room attached to them.

Under the water that will cover their ankles completely, Fliss and one of the characters who went down to the lower deck (after appearing of the flooded room) will try to stop Olson with the door 2.

In the meanwhile, the young woman may try to distract the fisherman's captain while the other character will access to the lever that closes the door 2 and Olson in the other half of the Cargo Hold 2.

  • If the player pushes Olson off and dodges his grabs, Fliss can escape him and leave him to be crushed by the door.
  • She can be split in half by the closing door, just like Olson.
  • Fliss can be chocked by the handle of Olson's hammer and get her head bashed in by it.

If all went well, Olson will be the only person who dies during the fight and his lifeless hands will get what the group needed for them to escape: the distributor cap.

Matters of the Heart

Fliss's presence in this chapter is more secondary considering that Alex has more prominence than any of the other main characters. Her role here will be to accompany Alex on one of the accessible floors of the hole and even find the inexplicable noises that hide the end of it. It will be Olson screaming with the distributor cap in hand.

After that happens, they will find Olson and knowing that the only escape route is the distributor cap, Alex will decides to jump two metal beams that separate him from Olson, but one of them doesn'tt resist his weight and it will fall down, so Alex and Fliss will have to separate. Thereafter when Fliss will enter through a door that will lead her outside the opposite balcony where herself was before and she will be able to breathe fresh air again for then meet in one of the kitchens a confused and affected Alex who tries to stab her with a knife.

  • Fliss will be able to calm his nervous companion and leave alive at best and, at the same time, leave the ship with the distributor cap.
  • Otherwise, Alex will stab Fliss several times leaving her with a lot of cuts in various parts of her lifeless body.

The End

This is not a playable chapter and there are a lot of endings where Fliss get involved as a main character. This are all of them:

  • All the survivors will escape from the Ourang Medan either with all the main characters (and Junior) or not. While they're in the way of going home they all start thinking about all the events that happened during the night. While the other characters will be "traumatized" by all the facts of the night, Fliss will be grateful to be alive and fed up with her clients, who would have put her in that situation with their immaturity.
  • If Conrad escaped with the speedboat, he will return with a guard coast boat to rescue the rest of the main characters, including Fliss.
  • If the protagonists did not get the distributor cap, Fliss will decide to leave the Ourang Medan with the Duke of Milan, no matter how much it doesn't work. She will be the only one who always makes the decision to return to her ship because she prefers that to die in the Ourang Medan's hallucinations.
  • After having contacted the military by radio, this ones would appear with an helicopter later and shoot anyone who was alive for having too much information about them.

Killed Victims

  • Conrad (Indirect, Determinant)
  • Brad (Unintentional, Direct/Indirect, Determinant)
  • Alex (Indirect, Determinant)
  • Julia (Indirect, Determinant)
  • Olson (Unintentional, Indirect, Determinant)









  • She has 5 official playable chapters in Theatrical Cut, that being one in Uninvited Guests (6:15 P.M.), Storm (12:12 A.M.), Danny (2:16 A.M.), Ritual (2:48 A.M.) and Pressure (with Brad).
  • She has 1 exclusive playable chapter in Curator's Cut, in the Glamor Girl (2:44 A.M.).
  • Depending on the player's decisions she can also be playable in Abandoned Ship (1:01 A.M.), Trapped, Open Deck (3:32 A.M.), Distress Signal (3:43 A.M.), Junior (4:19 A.M.), Olson (4:34 A.M.) and Matters of the Heart (4:44 A.M.).
    • This makes her between the most and least playable protagonist (tied with Alex and Conrad).
  • Fliss appears in 20 playable chapters (22 with Echo and The End segments).



(See: Secrets found by Fliss) -----> TO COMPLETE

  • Fliss can find the second most number of clues out of all the protagonists, with thirty-one.
    • 7 in Theatrical Cut and 10 in Curator's Cut. The other clues will depend on the decisions previously made by the player.
  • Guard Duty Note (#26) - Theatrical Cut, Abandoned Ship.
  • 1947 Newspaper (#44) - Theatrical Cut, Trapped.
  • Private Miller’s Letter (#28) - Theatrical Cut, Trapped.
  • Guard Duty Roster (#14) - Theatrical Cut, An Escape.
  • Private Reed’s Letter (#45) - Theatrical Cut, An Escape.
  • Engineer’s Logbook (#7) - Theatrical Cut, An Escape.
  • Journal (#11) - Theatrical Cut, An Escape.
  • Medan Hat (#41) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Danny.
  • Screaming Corpse (#16) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Danny.
  • Dog Tag (#32) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Danny.
  • Chemical Leak (#38) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Ritual.
  • Broken Wires (#37) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Ritual.
  • Cargo Ship Manual (#47) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Ritual.
  • Ghost Rumours Reports (#25) - Theatrical Cut, Pressure.
  • Cargo Bill of Landing (#15) - Curator's Cut, Glamor Girl.
  • Violent Incident Report (#31) - Curator's Cut, Glamor Girl.
  • Manchurian Gold Test Results (#17) - Curator's Cut, Glamor Girl.
  • Anti-Aircraft Shell Casing (#50) - Curator's Cut, Distress Signal.
  • Gas Mask Instructions (#3) - Curator's Cut, Distress Signal.
  • Ship’s Logbook (#42) - Curator's Cut, Distress Signal.
  • Nautical Chart (#9) - Curator's Cut, Distress Signal.
  • Navigator’s Notebook (#10) - Curator's Cut, Distress Signal.
  • Radio Operator’s Final Message (#29) - Curator's Cut, Distress Signal.
  • Minutes of Meeting (#49) - Curator's Cut, Depths.
  • Private Patterson’s Medical Record (#27) - Curator's Cut, Depths.
  • Engine Room Telegraph Log (#8) - Curator's Cut, Depths.
  • Military Order (#34) - Curator's Cut, Depths.
    • To pick up this clue there's not much time. She must have passed the QTE with Olson, enter the room and quickly go to the feet of Danny's body for turning quickly the note.
      • She can also pick up Julia's engagement ring in Danny's right hand if she decides to investigate it.
  • Casket Shortage Memo (#36) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Olson.
  • Diplomatic Immunity Contract (#46) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Matters of the Heart.
  • ID Badges and Documentation (#12) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Matters of the Heart.
  • Toxins Research (#33) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Matters of the Heart.


The following contains information from PlayStation and Bandai Namco Entertainment pages related to the game.

  • Fliss was raised in one of the smallest islands of the French Polynesia.
  • Fliss was forced to work since childhood due to the fact of she never had a school education.
  • Her current business was drifting, so in Man of Medan she is forced to lie to her clients to keep her job alive and keep feeding herself.
  • Fliss's highest base relationship status is with Conrad and Brad.
  • Her lowest base relationship status is with Alex and Julia.
    • Fliss is the only character who isn't on any character's highest relationship status at the start due to the fact that it is her first meeting with the other protagonists.
  • Fliss is strong, forthright and stubborn, according to The Curator.
    • The Curator will also name the fact whether Fliss resists Conrad's charms or not.


  • Fliss and Brad have the most deaths out of any character in Man of Medan, which is 10.
  • Fliss is the only one who can die by being strangled to death and smashed in the head by a wrench.
  • Fliss, Alex and Brad can get a blood smile in their necks.
  • If Fliss dies by falling in the funnel, whoever is present in the lower decks can see through a hole in the wall to find her corpse, expressing shock and a small amount of grief before moving on.
  • In the ending where the protagonists stay stranded on the Ourang Medan, Fliss will always prefer going on the Duke of Milan and consequently die.


  • She shares the same character model as Victoria LaBoucher, a nurse from The Inpatient, and Jody Johnson, the widow from Hidden Agenda.
  • Her nickname (Fliss) is similar to Felicity Graves' (a Hidden Agenda character) nickname, which is "Flissy". Conrad also call her by that same nickname.
  • Fliss was the first character to have a playable segment revealed, displayed as a demo at Gamescom 2018.
  • Fliss and Brad are the characters most seen as hallucinogenic figures.
  • Fliss and Brad are the only main characters who are barefoot throughout the whole game.
  • Ayisha Issa earned a BAFTA nomination for her role as Fliss.


  • She has two trophies dedicated to her, them being: "You got a better way?", and "Aye, aye, captain".
  • She shares a trophy with Julia called "Girls' night out" for having all women alive.


  • "You know it's not polite to ask a lady about her money?"
  • "Wow... That is not your everyday wreck. I hope those clowns don't get me in trouble."
  • "So are you beached? Like a whale?"
  • "Uh-oh... It's getting mighty crowded out here."
  • "You should have never gone down to that plane in the first place. It's bad luck. You think you can scavenge down there and it makes no difference, but every single thing you bring back has an essence. It's like a ghost you invite to the surface."
  • "They're not "cool ghost stories". Not like... for fun. People drown in these waters and you have to respect their resting place."
  • "You can go fuck yourself, you piece of shit!"
  • "[In French] Stop, you assholes! It's my boat! Stop!"
  • "What the hell was wrong with you back there? Brad you lost your shit, like big time, you almost killed me."
  • "The stuff I saw... It's like there were these old soldiers, they were bodies, they were dead, but then, they came alive, and -"
  • "Look, I should probably take care of gimpy over here, so you boys should go together."
  • "The officers, they thought it was just jumpy GIs trying to get out of guard duty."
  • "I'm still the captain... of something."
  • "Fucking rich kids..."


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