Water virgin! Nice! Hey, we're gonna pop your cherry, together. Gonna be gentle.
— Conrad to Brad

Conrad is one of the five main protagonists and a playable character in The Dark Pictures Anthology debut, Man of Medan. He is Julia's older brother. He was voiced and motion captured by actor Shawn Ashmore.


Conrad's debut outfit.

Conrad has a medium complexion, light blue eyes and short dark blond hair that ends pointed on top of his head.

In the Duke of Milan, at daylight, he wears a white short-sleeved blouse with red and yellow floral details with his chest slightly discovered, khaki shorts, and light gray sneakers with white laces. On his left wrist he wears a bronze colored watch.

During Intrusion, he wears a navy tank top with the inscription "Salem, 1692, Massachusetts" and bermuda shorts. He is also barefoot. Before boarding the Ourang Medan, he exchanges the bermudas for the khaki shorts he previously wore. Conrad remains in this outfit for the rest of the game.

If Conrad gets shot during the kidnapping scene, he will also wear a navy blue bandage that covers his entire right leg.


Julia's brash and utterly self-absorbed older brother. Very confident and forthright, Conrad is now in a holding pattern between college and life as he figures out what to do next.
— PlayStation


Conrad is described in-game as foolhardy and relaxed.

Conrad is a ladies' man and humorous. He is fond of alcohol as he is constantly drinking beer once he is on the Duke of Milan and offering drinks to everyone. He is also shown to be lazy as he prefers to sit on any couch he finds instead of monitoring his friends' diving. Coming from an rich family, he demonstrates a disregard for the value of money as he throws bills in the ocean to mock the fishermen. Julia also describes her brother as a "little puppy", as he always mean well despite his actions and tries to make everyone laugh.

Conrad can be irresponsible, as he provoked Olson and his minions to come on board and also offered Julia a beer despite knowing the risk of decompression sickness. However, he can also be astute at times, as he deduces the distance of the storm and proposes knocking out a window in the Duke during the thunder to cover the sound of the window breaking. Depending on the player's action, Conrad can act recklessly or subdued to the fishermen.

Man of Medan


Conrad comes from a rich family alongside his younger sister Julia. Both were raised on the East Coast of the United States in a sheltered environment. They have a tendency to argue with each other in typical sibling fashion, though the tension never lasts long.

He is a very charismatic young man who lives for girls, alcohol and parties. Conrad is at a point in his life where he prefers to think and rest (preferably with a beer in hand) instead of going to college as his sister does.

Although people see him as a stupid and immature boy, Conrad doesn't pay attention to anyone's opinion and is content with living his rich life in the meantime.

Conrad is easily sociable due to his charisma; this is demonstrated once he boards the Duke and tries to make friends with the Smith brothers, especially Brad, who may later come to see him as a close friend and possibly a brotherly figure. He has difficulties filtering himself and has a tendency to say things as they are, as shown by his flirting remarks toward Fliss when they first meet.


The Duke

On June 21st, 2019, a group of college students decide to rent a boat for a summer vacation. This group consists of Smith brothers, Alex and Brad, and the rich and spoiled siblings Conrad and Julia. The last one is responsible for financing the trip in order to spend the summer with Alex, her boyfriend, whom she has not seen for two weeks approximately.

Upon boarding the Duke of Milan, Conrad tries to make friends with Brad, offering the geek a drink and being supportive if he admits that he's never dived before. Shortly after their captain appears, Conrad is immediately smitten with her and also attempts to flirt without success.

Wreck - Curator's Cut

Hours later, the group decides to search for a supposed treasure they discussed before the trip. While Alex and Julia prepare their diving equipment, Conrad observes images captured previously with Brad's dive cam and notices remains of a wrecked plane. According to Brad, is a bomber plane from WWII, known as B-29.

Fliss states that they should report the wreck before diving as per protocol. Conrad can ignore her warnings or agree; if he does the latter, she will thank him for respecting her and state that he seems to be the only one who does. Afterwards, "Connie" can talk to his sister (who put that nickname on him) and ask her for advice on how to get Fliss' attention, and flirt with her again much to her annoyance.


Conrad is briefly mentioned in this chapter by Alex and Julia, who find a way into the wreck thanks to him. Julia will be surprised and grateful for her brother's cunning.

Uninvited Guests

While the couple is underwater, Conrad stays on the surface alongside Fliss and Brad. While checking the radar, Conrad can share a beer with the captain and ask her about her business, offering for his family to invest in it. When he appears more interested in drinking than help the Polynesian to monitoring the dive, she can be stern with him or reciprocate his flirting.

Fliss eventually notices a small speedboat approaching with the binoculars, and can express concern to Conrad or order him to keep quiet. The boat trips over the cable that connects the Duke with the wreck underwater, breaking the plane head and damaging the speedboat. Following the complaint of one of these fishermen (Olson's), Conrad mocks the fishermen and throws a couple of dollars accordingly to "pay" for the caused damages. The fishermen leave without saying a word.

Afterwards, Alex and Julia resurface after Conrad accidentally blows up the grill. If Fliss blames him, he is chastised by his younger sister. If Alex proposed to Julia before resurfacing and his proposal was accepted, Conrad is ecstatic as his sister shows off her engagement ring.

Ghost Story

If Fliss flirted with Conrad in the previous chapter, Julia and Brad can find them leaving Fliss' cabin under an exciting kiss that will leave Julia and Brad impacted. If she did not, they instead find Conrad attempting to flirt with her again pretending a chance encounter between both of them.

Once night falls, the group decides to meet at the stern of the boat to have some beers. While Julia is searching the coordinates for the "Manchurian Gold" with an impatient Alex, Conrad will be talking with Brad about random topics while Fliss listening.

Shortly after everyone meets up, Julia reveals the bullet she took from the wreckage, prompting Fliss to chastise her for ignoring her advice not to disturb anything during the dive. Alex asks Brad to tell a ghost story; by the end of it, it is clear that dangerous weather is on the horizon. The captain advises that everyone go to bed, to Conrad's dismay.


While sound asleep, the group (minus Brad, who managed to find a hiding place) is attacked and held hostage in the Duke's rear cabin by Olson, Junior and Danny, the three fishermen Conrad wavered earlier. After ungagging Fliss and/or Alex, he can apologize for his behavior toward an uncontrolled situation antagonized by him.

After Fliss is taken outside by Junior, Conrad tries to lighten the situation by telling Alex and Julia either good and bad news. Julia will scold him for getting the group into their current situation by antagonizing the fishermen and flaunting his wealth. Shortly afterwards, Junior returns to take Conrad up to the outside deck along with Fliss. Conrad witnesses Fliss arguing with Olson and makes a snide comment, causing Olson to begin beating him and threatening him with a pocket knife. If Conrad continues aggravating him, Olson will cut a piece of his right ear off. Regardless, Junior is ordered to take him back to the cabin where he was. During their way, if Conrad decides to aggravate Junior, the pirate will push him to the ground, causing him to discover Brad in hiding under the bunk bed.

When he is returned to the cabin, Alex asks Conrad about Brad's location; he has the option to dismiss his concerns, express concern for Brad, tell him that he's safe, or say nothing. After that, Alex will cut Conrad's binds and waits with him for Julia's return.

When the pirate returns his sister to their cabin, the trio begins to devise an escape plan. Julia mentions the speedboat the kidnappers used as an option, while Alex suggests that one of them two (himself or Conrad) could try escaping on it to find help. Conrad can either agree to this plan or suggest that they try to attack the fishermen. Regardless, he and Alex get into position near a window, and Conrad counts down the seconds between the lightning strikes outside to cover up the sounds of the window breaking. Both can fail with a bad rapport and cause Julia to finish the work of breaking it. Once outside, Alex tells Conrad to get on with the plan and he is presented with the choice of taking the speedboat or attacking.

  • If Conrad agreed to take the speedboat, he waits until Olson is distracted by Fliss before making a run for it and getting onto the boat. If he frees the speedboat from the Duke and is able to start the engine, Olson begins to shoot at him. If the protagonist gets shot once, he bleeds out and slumps against the side of the boat as Julia screams in agony.
    • If Conrad dodges the gunfire, he successfully escapes to find help and won't be seen again until "The End".
  • If Conrad chose to attack instead of taking the speedboat, he can pick up Alex's knife if he didn't use it during the dive earlier. If Alex did use it, he will be empty-handed.
    • If Conrad has the knife and wins a short struggle with Junior, he takes him hostage and demands that Olson hand over his gun. Seemingly agreeing, Olson holds the gun out and Conrad is given the choice of taking the gun or running to the speedboat; the latter choice leads to the same scenario as above. If Conrad does not make a decision, Junior subdues him and Olson shoots him in the leg.
      • If Conrad got onto the speedboat but failed to start the engine or detach the boat from the Duke, took Olson's gun, or attacked Junior empty-handed, he is caught and restrained, remaining on the boat with the others as they are taken downstairs and questioned about the Manchurian Gold.

Storm - Curator's Cut

During the previous chapter, if Connie was captured and Julia was not grazed by a bullet, she tends to his wounds from his beating by Olson. If he was shot in the leg, Alex remarks that he was lucky because the bullet missed an artery. Alex may also/instead comment on his decision to either follow the chosen plan or go against it; if he supported the plan to use the speedboat, he reassures him, but if he went against it, he berates him.

If Fliss falls when the boat is rocked by a wave, Conrad offers his hand to help her up, with pain if he was shot in the leg. When Olson orders Fliss to come with him outside, Conrad will attempt to protect her if he has a high relationship with her. If not, he stays quiet as she is ordered out.

Once water starts flooding the ship, Conrad is the last of the group to exit the lower deck. If he discovered Brad hiding earlier, he reveals his location to the others.

If Conrad was absent during the chapter, he is mentioned by Julia as she looks out of the window during the beginning, hoping the bullet didn't reach him.

Abandoned Ship - Theatrical Cut

When their boat crashes into an abandoned freighter, the group is forced to board it after the fishermen remove the Duke's distributor cap. Connie will be the first protagonist to disembark the boat after ordered to do so by Olson; if he was shot in the leg, he slips partway, but Julia tries to encourage him as she's worried about his health. Once everyone is on board, they begin their "adventure" inside the bowels of the terrifying and abandoned ship. While crossing the balcony above cargo hold 3, Conrad can pick up a guard duty roster on a table, only to have it knocked out of his hands by Danny. Moving forward, Conrad is briefly distracted by a loud noise, causing Olson to push him forward. While crossing some troop berths, he can look at a soldier's uniform, and may be yelled at by Olson if he takes too long.

After exiting the previous room, he finds Danny attempting to open a locker door. Walking past him and down a corridor, he is stopped when Alex is scared by a rat. Turning another corner, he can find a guard duty note on a crate to the player's right. If Connie took the note, he will keep it in one of his pockets for later use it as an evidence.

A short while later, the group is stopped once more when Junior discovers an empty room and informs Olson about it, who herds the group of protagonists into the room.


While the group questions the fishermen's intentions and the events of the night so far, Alex proposes that they try to distract their captors and escape, to which Conrad can either support his idea, bring attention to his injuries from their last escape attempt, or none of these two options. After Fliss mentions that the fishermen took the Duke's distributor cap, Conrad can ask about the meaning of it, suggest hot-wiring the Duke, or stay quiet. Fliss or Brad (if present) inform him that it is impossible to hot-wire the boat or that the cap is important, if he asks about either.

Later on, Conrad will move a metal cabinet to reveal a vent, and calls the rest of the group over to help open it. When Alex offers help and is unable to get the vent open, either he or Brad suggests busting it open. Fliss is skeptical about where the vent leads, and is reluctant to use it as a means of escape. Conrad can reassure her, act daring, or remain in silence. Regardless, Julia supports the idea of breaking the vent open and tells his older brother that they will need a distraction. Conrad is given the choice of either barricading the door or distracting the fishermen.

If Conrad is the one to distract the fishermen, he starts hitting the door and making various pirate-related insults, with Brad possibly joining in if present. He can also push the table situated in the middle of that same room to block the main entrance, with Fliss helping her injured client.

Alex successfully kicks down the vent and enters it, with Julia close behind. Brad and Fliss follow, with Conrad being the last to enter after taking the lantern from the table. He is presented with the choice of replacing the cabinet to block the vent or hiding.

  • If Conrad decided to hide, Junior will enter the room and start searching the group. If they successfully "keep calm!", Junior notices someone in the vent, but is too late to catch anyone escaping.
    • If they fail to stay quiet, Junior notices everyone hiding in the vent and grabs Fliss, capturing her as everyone else narrowly escapes through the vent.
  • If Conrad decided to push the middle table to block the entrance, he will not have the option to replace the cabinet since he spent a lot of time blocking the pirates' entrance.
  • If Conrad replaces the cabinet, the group escapes successfully just before a confused Junior enters the room looking for them.

An Escape

While in the upper deck's corridor after the group's escape, a poster titled Sailor Girl (also signed with the name Jenny May) with an attractive young sailor as the protagonist of it will catch the attention of the rich young man. Connie will comment on the poster if Fliss wasn't captured by Junior. If the Duke's captain was captured, he blames himself for it and tries to convince the rest to go back for her, with a cautious Alex refusing the idea of taking risks.

After crossing a bunch of corridors and rooms, the group finds a balcony that connects to a garage full of military cars and boxes. Olson leaves the distributor cap on a box nearby, hoping to capture the group using it as a trap.

During this segment of action, both Fliss and Brad (if present) can get captured by Danny at gun point. To avoid detection and be able to help those two later with a better plan, Alex, Julia and Conrad run up the stairs to the main deck.

Conrad may also be mentioned by Julia if he escaped on the speedboat. Julia asks Alex if he thinks Conrad made it and found help, but is not reassured by his noncommittal response.


Alex, Julia and Conrad explore the ship further until entering one of the kitchens. Here, Alex can find a rusty knife and keep it for himself or give it to Conrad for using it later. On the main deck's medical bay, Alex can also find a pill to give to Conrad to ease the pain from his injuries.

While Alex and Julia are distracted by exploring the whole bay, Conrad leaves determined to find his beloved captain.

Glamor Girl

Connie wanders through the hallways of the officers' quarters, mumbling to himself about how the events of the night must be a prank. Turning around, he sees a pipe floating away from the wall before a spotlight illuminates a feminine figure that resembles the same girl he saw in a poster hours later. Startled, he screams and runs away, locking the door behind him.

After crossing a large and cold corridor, Conrad is confronted by the Sailor Girl, who begins to take an increasingly scary appearance. She attacks him throwing a bunch of oxide shards, one of which may cut him if he fails to dodge it. He runs away into the ship's control room as she continues to attack, this time with a sick and elderly version of herself. Locking another door and trapping her arm between the door and its frame in the process. To continue running, he is forced to jump across three narrow metal beams.

  • If Conrad misses the last jump, he will fall and hit his head hard against the lower deck's ground, not before hitting his neck with a metal beam from the attached room below.

After having successfully emerged from that dangerous situation and crossing the door in front of him, Conrad will have the option of hiding or keep running.

  • If he decided to hide and successfully stays calm, he remains unnoticed and sneaks past her.
  • If he fails to stay calm, she spots him and lunges for him, causing him to fall through an unstable wall and impale himself on a broken pipe, also situated on the freighter's lower deck.
  • If he chooses to run and Alex kept the rusty knife for himself, he breaks through the door with the Sailor Girl close behind him.
  • If he chooses to run and Alex gave him the rusty knife earlier, he can use it to attack the Sailor Girl, killing her to end the chase.

If Conrad got past the horrible threat, he will climb through a conduit and end up into a funnel. One of the rungs on the ladder he is using breaks:

  • If Conrad fails to recover fast enough, he falls to his death.

If Conrad did make it to the top, Jenny May screeches in Conrad's face as he backs to the edge of a metal plank, and he is given the choice to jump or confront her.

  • If Conrad jumps, he will hit his head against the ground of the weather deck and bleeding out to death.
  • If Conrad confronts "the lady", he backs away from the ledge, and can attack her if he has the knife. Regardless of his decision, it is revealed that Sailor Girl was really either Fliss or Brad (depending on which of them is alive/not hallucinating).

If Conrad survived at the end of the whole "persecution" segment, Fliss or Brad suggest to look for the rest of the group, including his younger sister.

In Curator's Cut mode, the chase is largely the same. After the segment with the metal beams, Conrad attacks Fliss or Brad if he has the knife; failing to block the attacks results in Conrad slitting their throat, ending the chase. Otherwise, Conrad runs to the funnel and is cornered, and whoever is chasing him is given the option to be frantic or reassuring.

  • If they are frantic, it causes Conrad to freak out and jump, though he can be caught just before falling.
    • If Conrad jumped, Fliss or Brad look down at his body in grief. His lifeless body can also be caught by Julia while running under the rain for a "safe" place to hide with the others. She will cry desperately later under the comfort of her boyfriend and her fellow survivors.
  • If they reassure him, he walks toward them and gradually comes to his senses.
  • If Conrad didn't jump or was caught by Fliss and he has a high relationship with her, they share a kiss under the rain before leaving in search of the others.


Conrad is briefly seen during this chapter, being the first one to appear after Alex or Julia open the door that leads to the weather deck, being the cause of the couple's panic for obstructing their only exit.

Open Deck

As the group takes shelter in a small cabin on the weather deck and recounts their experiences so far, Conrad summarizes his experience with the Sailor Girl, describing it as living his "greatest nightmare". He also mentions Julia and/or Fliss' deaths if they died in previous chapters. If the opposite, he will also comfort his sister if she lost Alex and/or Brad on the way of getting safe.

If Fliss discovered the truth about the Manchurian Gold, the protagonists will realize that all the strange and crazy stuff they saw before were only hallucinations caused by breathing in the mist.

Distress Signal

Once everyone gathers in the weather deck, they make a plan to reach the radio room, which is the last and higher floor. After taking refuge inside the ship's control room, the group can contact with the military forces and tell them their coordinates, and possibly the ship's name (depending on what clues they discovered previously). Following this, the group splits up, with some going down (lower deck) to turn on the power and some remaining in the radio room. Conrad will always stay behind in the radio room due to his injuries.


This chapter is only available if Alex is the only one in the radio room, left to turn on the power, or died. It is only playable as Conrad in the latter two outcomes (since Conrad, if alive/present, will always remain behind at the radio).

Conrad waits by the radio for the others to return from the lower deck, but is suddenly alerted to the sound of gunshots. He will call out to the absent characters, without no answer, and decide to search for them despite his injuries. Even if he is not alone in the radio room, Conrad will always be the one to leave.

Eventually, Conrad enters the cargo hold 2 and finds Olson crossing the "stage", muttering to himself in panic and confusion. As he approaches, Olson threatens him with his hammer, and Conrad is given the choice to attack him or back away. Either way, Olson breaks the hatches on the door attached to the flooded room, releasing the water trapped behind it and partially flooding the whole hold. The second protagonist who left to turn on the power will fall out into the hold while the water is released. If the second protagonist was shot by Junior earlier, the first appears instead. Conrad and Olson begin to fight, and he may be able to retrieve the distributor cap depending on how well he does during the fight.

The other protagonist will notice the hold's lever, and contemplates if they should use it to drop the door 2 to separate both of them. Conrad can tell them to either wait or drop the door. Regardless of his choice, the other protagonist rushes to the cargo door.

  • In the Curator's Cut version, the protagonist in the lever room may decide not to pull it, resulting in Conrad's death by being choked with the handle of Olson's hammer. After that happens, his lifeless body will get his head destroyed by the pirate by his anger and despair.
    • The other protagonist will cover his head with a slate blue sweater, which will soon turn red.

Conrad attempts to follow them, but he is caught and pinned by Olson directly underneath the door, who begins to choke him with the handle of his hammer. If the other protagonist pulls the lever (which they do no matter what in the Theatrical Cut), both Olson and Conrad are at risk for being killed by the falling cargo door.

  • If Conrad fails to push Olson off of him, they are both split in half. If he succeeds, only Olson is trapped under the door and killed.
  • If Conrad failed to retrieve the distributor cap, it is crushed under the door, but if he did, it remains intact.
  • If Conrad dies and the distributor cap is intact, the other protagonist hesitantly picks it up and leaves; if he survives, both of them leave with it.

Matters of the Heart

This chapter is only available if Alex is at the radio room with at least one other character.

  • If neither Fliss nor Julia are alive or present in the radio room, Conrad agrees to accompany Alex and follow Olson.

The two split up, giving Conrad the opportunity to breathe in fresh air and clear his mind from the Manchurian Gold's effects. He then encounters Alex hallucinating in one of the freighter's kitchens. Alex may see him as either Olson or a Two-Headed Experiment.

  • If Alex stabs Olson/experiment twice, or if Conrad fails to calm him down in the Curator's Cut mode and is stabbed to death, Alex notices Conrad's dead body and is distraught, realizing he was only hallucinating.
  • If Alex stabs himself, Conrad takes the distributor cap (if intact) and leaves horrified.
  • If Alex does nothing or is successfully calmed down, Conrad grabs Alex, making him snap out of his hallucination. They both leave with the distributor cap (if intact).

The End

This is not a playable chapter, but there are various endings where Conrad (if alive) is involved, being them:

  • If the distributor cap was preserved and Conrad did not escape with the speedboat, any survivors will escape from the SS Ourang Medan, possibly taking Junior with them. On the way home, they reflect on the events of the night. Conrad has no dialogue during this ending; instead, he is seen drinking beer.
  • If the distributor cap was destroyed, Conrad did not escape, the group did not give the military their coordinates, and he has a high relationship with Alex, he agrees to stay behind with him on the freighter. While searching the ship for food, he begins to hallucinate and presumably dies off-screen as a result.
  • If the distributor cap was destroyed, Conrad did not escape, the group did not give the military their coordinates, and he has a low relationship with Alex, he decides to take his chances escaping on the Duke. He later dies from starvation or sunstroke.
  • If the distributor cap was destroyed and Conrad escaped, he later returns with a coast guard boat to rescue any survivors.
  • If Conrad escaped with the speedboat, but either is the sole survivor or the distributor cap was preserved, he boards the Ourang Medan and calls out for the others. While exploring the ship alone, he begins to hallucinate and presumably dies off-screen as a result..
    • If he did escape with the speedboat but not survived, his lifeless body will be seen in the middle of the Pacific with a seagull eating his left eye.
  • If the group contacted the military and told them their coordinates, but failed to reveal the name of the ship, any survivors are arrested. Alternatively, if the name of the ship was revealed, any survivors are shot on sight to avoid the secrets of the freighter becoming known.


Killed Victims

  • Himself (Accidental or Suicide, Determinant)
  • Fliss (Unintentional, Direct or Indirect, Determinant)
  • Brad (Unintentional, Direct or Indirect, Determinant)
  • Alex (Indirect, Determinant)
  • Olson (Indirect, Determinant)



Conrad and Julia have a regular brother/sister relationship. Throughout the game, Julia can sometimes be annoyed by Conrad’s arrogant behavior. If Conrad dies but Julia knows about his death and she survives, she will say that Conrad meant well and that he was always trying to make everyone laugh. If Conrad dies but Julia doesn’t find out about it and if she survives, she will be worried about her brother and will wonder if he is alive. If Julia was killed by Olson and Conrad later fights him in the cargo hold, If Conrad and Julia are separated in the ending where the protagonists stay stranded on the ship (one of them stays on the Medan while the other tries to escape on the Duke), Julia will tell Conrad that she is not able to take care of him anymore. Conrad answers that she does not need to worry.


When Conrad first met Fliss, he started having romantic feelings for her. On their boat trip, Conrad constantly flirts with Fliss. Depending on the player’s choices, she can either refuse these flirt attempts, or accept them. If Conrad and Fliss have a good relationship, then Brad and Julia can later find them making out. If Conrad survives the chase scene with the Glamour Girl and Fliss is alive to follow him, the two will kiss if their relationship is high enough. If Conrad survives and is either present with the group or fled at the beginning but the group fails to get the distributor cap, the two will hug each other.


Conrad and Brad start off friendly. Despite Conrad's occasional reluctance to listen to Brad's history knowledge, they still get along. Conrad gives Brad several nicknames, such as "Bradical."


Both Conrad and Alex start off friendly even though they have not met before. If Alex proposes to Julia and she accepts, she will show off her engagement ring, which excites Conrad. If Conrad chooses to flee via the speedboat, Alex may attempt to stop Olson from shooting him. If Alex is killed by either the Alex doppelganger or Olson and Conrad survives, he will blame himself for his death. If Alex was killed by Olson and Conrad later fights him in the cargo hold, he tells Olson that he won't let him get away with killing his friend, showing a desire to avenge him. If Conrad succeeded in escaping with the speedboat and Alex survives but fails to get the distributor cap, Conrad will arrive with help and will greet Alex in a friendly manner.



  • He has 6 official playable chapters in Theatrical Cut, that being one in Intrusion (11:22 P.M.), Abandoned Ship (1:01 A.M.), Trapped, An Escape (1:43 A.M.), Glamor Girl (2:44 A.M.) and Olson (4:34 A.M.).
  • He has 1 exclusive playable chapter in Curator's Cut, that being one in Wreck (5:30 P.M.).
  • Depending on the player's decisions he can also be playable in Open Deck (3:32 A.M.) and Distress Signal (3:43 A.M.).
    • This makes him the second most playable protagonist (tied with Alex and Fliss).
  • Conrad appears in 16 playable chapters (17 with The End segment).
  • If Conrad decides to take the speedboat, he will disappear until the final events of Man of Medan being one of the least seen characters during the story as well.



(See: Secrets found by Conrad) -----> TO COMPLETE

  • Conrad can find the least number of clues out of all the protagonists, with thirteen.
    • 10 in Theatrical Cut and 2 in Curator's Cut. The other clues will depend on the decisions previously made by the player.
  • Guard Duty Note (#26) - Theatrical Cut, Abandoned Ship.
  • 1947 Newspaper (#44) - Theatrical Cut, Trapped.
  • Private Miller’s Letter (#28) - Theatrical Cut, Trapped.
  • Guard Duty Roster (#14) - Theatrical Cut, An Escape.
  • Private Reed’s Letter (#45) - Theatrical Cut, An Escape.
  • Engineer’s Logbook (#7) - Theatrical Cut, An Escape.
  • Journal (#11) - Theatrical Cut, An Escape.
  • Water Purification Map (#5) - Theatrical Cut, Glamour Girl.
  • Man Overboard Search Orders (#9) - Theatrical Cut, Glamour Girl.
  • Casket Shortage Memo (#36) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Olson.
    • He is the most frequent in this chapter.
  • Diplomatic Immunity Contract (#46) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Matters of the Heart.
  • ID Badges and Documentation (#12) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Matters of the Heart.
  • Toxins Research (#33) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Matters of the Heart.


The following contains information from PlayStation and Bandai Namco Entertainment pages related to the game.

  • Conrad and Julia were both raised in the West East of United States, in a privileged environment.
  • Conrad started college in the past but he eventually decided to leave it to think about what to do in life.
  • Conrad's highest base relationship status is with Julia due to the fact that she is his sister and the one who knows better.
  • Conrad's intermediate base friendship status is with Alex, Brad and Fliss, the ones who know at the beginning of this summer trip.
  • Conrad is bold and arrogant, according to The Curator.
    • The Curator will also name the fact whether Fliss resists Conrad's charms or not.


  • Conrad is the only one who can die by being shot in the chest, have his head being banged against a metal beam while falling, being impaled by a pipe and committing suicide by falling.
  • Conrad has the earliest possible death of any of the characters in Man of Medan.
  • Conrad is the only character who can't be shot by Junior, as if alive up to that point, he will always stay behind to man the radio.
  • If Conrad falls during the Glamour Girl segment, whoever is present in the lower decks can see through a hole in the wall to find his corpse, expressing shock and a small amount of grief before moving on. [1]
  • Conrad's corpse can be found by his sister if he jumped off the funnel while he was at the top of it. She will cry desperately by her close family member loss.
  • Conrad, along with Daniel in separate games, can both die by being impaled through their chest.
  • Conrad, Alex, and Andrew are so far, the only protagonists who can commit suicide.


  • Conrad and Andrew are so far, the only protagonists whose character is based off of their respective actors, with Conrad’s being his voice actor, Shawn Ashmore, and Andrew’s being his voice actor, Will Poulter.
  • Conrad is the face of Man of Medan's cover.
  • Conrad had another clothing version of him in the very first trailer of Man of Medan. It was supposed to be wearing a maroon buttoned shirt with light colored lines in it (similar to that of flowers in his final version) and a white tank top (with black lines in the edges) instead of the navy one. The rest was pretty much the same clothes.
  • His navy tank top with the "Salem, 1692, Massachusetts" written in the center of it is a clue for the next chapter, Little Hope.
  • Conrad and Julia are the only protagonists to not having their last names revealed.
  • Conrad has to be between 18-21 years old due to the fact that he should have started college. He decided to rest to think about what to do next instead. He is also a year older than his sister Julia.
  • Conrad can briefly appear as a clown to Julia when she bumps into him after fleeing the Alex Doppelganger.
  • During the chasing scene with the Glamour Girl, if the player as Conrad fails one of the QTEs while climbing the ladder but manages to get on top, and then choose to jump when cornered, either Fliss or Brad will be able to catch him and save him from a certain death.


  • He has three trophies dedicated to him, them being: "You got a better way?", "A pint of frosty amber liquid", and "Can't catch him with this old junker".
    • The trophy "Can't catch him with this old junker" is a reference to a phrase said by Olson when Conrad escapes in the speedboat in front of him. The exactly sentence.
  • He shares a trophy with the boys (Alex and Brad) called "Right there with ya, boys" for having all men alive.


  • "We can take care of this man. It's not a problem. What do you think? Like, uh, 10 bucks cover it? Oh, whoops, my bad. Let's make it 20. Well shoot, Y-You think it's more like 30? I can do 30. Alright, you guys drive a hard bargain but I'm with ya. Here, let's just throw the whole pot."
  • "So... Which one is... you know... where the magic happens?"
  • "According to standard vessel regulations we're all required one more beer before hitting the hay."
  • "Oh yeah! You know to treat a lady right."
  • "One... two... three... four... five... six... seven... eight. Eight seconds. The storm's eight miles away."
  • "There's 472 rivets in this room which can only mean one thing: I've been here way too long."
  • "You wanted to surprise me with the whole pirate adventure thing and I gotta say it was a good idea. No, it was. I mean, it's funny. I think it's funny but... I think the guys you hired are taking it a little too far maybe? And don't be cheap. I mean, you didn't feel like paying top dollar and that's what you get. You get these guys that are not cream of the crop, they're taking it a little too far. You know? You get my drift? So, if you wanna feel free to pull the old plug, get rid of these guys, I'm with you. I mean, these guys are fucking crazy! They're chasing us around the ship!"
  • "I gotta find everybody, I mean something. I mean it's - Something is fucking with me. It's fucking with me, man. It's just - it's just fucking with me. It's - I gotta find everybody! Whatever this is, it's just, it's just fucking with me, okay, <Laughs> It's fucking with me."
  • "I saw something. This ahh, this old lady. I mean she was bat shit crazy, like dinosaur old. Not that that's a bad thing, but she just like, upped and vanished on me."
  • "I guess you could say I lived my greatest nightmare. I was relentlessly stalked by a beautiful woman and all I wanted to do was run the hell away."
  • "This place is too fucked up to just be fucked up."
  • "So, um... does anybody else feel like knocking back a frosty? This guy, yeah!"


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