You know, I just keep going over it and over it... and it doesn't make any sense, y'know? It just... And I know what I saw. I just don't believe in... whatever it was I that I saw.
— Brad about the horrible things he just experienced in the Ourang Medan

Bradley "Brad" Smith is one of the five main protagonists and a playable character in The Dark Pictures Anthology debut, Man of Medan. He is Alex's younger brother. He was voiced and motion captured by actor Chris Sandiford.


Brad's debut outfit.

Brad has a dark caramel complexion, dark brown eyes, and a short and curly dark brown hair.

He sports a pair of black rectangular glasses and two brown bracelets on his left wrist.

In his debut at The Duke until The End, his outfit consists in a polo shirt with two white buttons on the top, printed with light and dark blues (especially light), and navy plaid shorts with blue light (almost purplish) vertical and horizontal lines in it with pockets. Brad is barefoot the whole story.  

During Finding Friends, Brad has the option of wearing a gas mask that will protect him in future and dangerous events. He will put it on his left shoulder as the "gas mask instructions" indicate.  


Alex's younger brother, who both admires and resents his older sibling for his achievements and poise. He's quiet and quite the history geek, specialising in the WWII era.
— PlayStation


Brad is described in-game as witty and innocent. He is the nerd of the group. He is affable and knowledgeable, especially about the topics concerning World War 2. He can get very excited about history and his other interests, but Alex can often belittle him and put him down, lowering his confidence.

Brad can have a hard time saying "no", like with Conrad who offers him a drink with insistence and Brad can give in despite his seasickness. Alex later on can scold him on this, to which Brad answers that he just wanted to fit in.

Brad has a close relationship with Alex and is his confidant. He's secretly jealous of his brother's success, and feels he's becoming ignored due to Alex's love for Julia. Despite this, he loves his brother dearly. If Alex gets overpowered by Danny in the Duke of Milan, Brad tries to help his brother.

Man of Medan


Brad is a young American man from a middle class family. He and his older brother Alex were raised in a pleasant and happy environment, although specific data from those times are unknown.

Brad was always the typical polite child of his family that everyone loved. He was not very popular, but is loved by most because of his good grades and polite personality.

Since he was little, Brad envied his older brother due to his development in all kinds of fields from looks to grades.

Bradley is passionate about history and could dedicate himself professionally to it, although he decided to have a sabbatical year to think about his next academic or professional step.

He's a shy man, admitting to his brother that he's not good with new people. As expected, he is awkward with Julia and Conrad at first, but he can later develop a friendship with Conrad and Fliss.

He seems to connect very fast with Fliss, as she appears somewhat as a confident and protective older sister to him. Something similar happens with Conrad, due to Brad seeing him as more relaxed and understanding older brother.


The Duke

In a current summer of 2019, Julia and Alex decide to make a romantic summer trip in which to sail the South Pacific waters with an extraordinary (and expensive) boat, the Duke of Milan. Julia decides to invite her older brother Conrad and the little of the Smith's, Brad, who will have an important talk with Alex during this small introduction while the other three arrive (Julia, Conrad and Fliss, the captain of the boat itself).

During this little conversation while Brad grabs a few boxes of beers for Conrad, the young geek's advice on his brother's "important decision" will be of crucial importance in the future.

  • If Brad decides to give a "sentimental" response towards Alex and advise him to "go with his gut", Alex will ask for marriage to Julia during Dive, or at least try.
  • If Brad decides to give a "caution" response towards Alex and advise him to "think about it", Alex will decide not to ask for marriage to Julia for cowardice, and will be angry at Brad later for his lousy advice.

During this time of interaction both Smith brothers will play an essential role that will change their relationship completely in the chapters that are to come.

After arriving at the boat Julia and Conrad will separate with each of the Smith brothers. Julia will meet in the background with Alex (who has not seen for weeks) and Conrad will try to form a friendship with Brad inviting him with a beer.

Minutes later the reunion between the four American friends, Fliss will appear to finally set course for the Pacific.


Brad will have some participation during this chapter depending on his previous decisions:

  • If Brad decided to drink beer to impress Conrad, he will vomit later and be in his bed ill-disposed until night. He will also be found by Alex, Conrad and Fliss in the bunk bed cabin sick.
  • If Brad was more cautious and decided not to drink beer, he will later collaborate with the others in order to offer light in the "mission" of the sunken bomber. He will also be found by Alex, Conrad and Fliss in the living room reading a history book.

Brad's relationship with Alex will have increased or decreased depending on the older of them two, who may have adopted a negative attitude with Brad and cause him to be angry with him. If both continue to maintain a friendly relationship, Brad will support his brother in his "aquatic mission" with his girlfriend. Otherwise, Brad will reproach Alex for not having chosen him as a partner on this journey.

After whatever was it happens, Brad will remain for the rest of the chapter inside the Duke of Milan.

Uninvited Guests

Brad appears very briefly during this chapter, and only if Fliss decides to enter inside the Duke. He can talk with her about Alex's experience in diving, or even about their relationship as brothers. Other than that, he has no outstanding participation.

Ghost Story - Curator's Cut






Abandoned Ship




An Escape






Finding Friends



After having met each other safely, both Brad and Fliss will access in one of the water chambers of the lower deck to continue their way. A few steps through the corridor, a hole will form in one of the walls through which a stream of water will flow out. Minutes later the path of both will continue and they will have to climb through an open grid in which one a few steps they'll find a door where there are broken stairs that must be reached by them and another grid over a narrow room with two doors.

One of the two characters will have to go back down and go through the same room with two doors in which one the other one will contain a giant wave of water that will cover the entire room and close the other door immediately. The one who is above the grid will have the possibility to take a broken shovel with which he/she could force the lock of the grid/the hinge.

  • If the character who is above the grid decide to force the lock, the one who is down of it will drown due to the fact that the hinge is more weak than the lock.
  • If the character who is above the grid decide to force the hinge, the one who is down of it will be saved due to the grid will be opened quickly and he/she will be able to swim safely.

Both protagonists will be able to access the broken stairs thanks to the water's level increasement that will allow them to grab it and climb.

Glamor Girl - Curator's Cut

A few minutes later, Brad and Fliss will meet Conrad in the officers' quarters, who will appear to be affected by the toxic gas that is affecting everyone on that ship. The mission of both protagonists will be to run after him and calm him down, but in one of those attempts, one of the ship's floors will break off and separate them in different paths, so Fliss will be the only able to help Conrad and Brad the one who's behind that.

  • If Fliss died or didn't exit the cargo hold earlier, it will be Brad who chases Conrad.

Due to the hallucinations of the young man, Brad will be locked in one of the ship's control room while Conrad is jumping three dangerous metal beams in the attached room. Seconds after finding him, he will run to the top of the funnel, where both can fall and kill themselves on the spot. It will be then when both of them will be able to talk after breathing pure air and safe.


In this chapter Alex and Julia will flee from a dangerous and armed (or unarmed) Olson who will search one of their lives. Brad appears briefly at the end of this short chapter being the last one of meeting the survivors and of being ready to take refuge with all of them once everyone is calmed and ready to run under the rain.

Open Deck

During this chapter of confessions, Brad will be in the background, being the protagonist who contributes less during the scene.

  • If Conrad died, Brad will mention that himself and Fliss saw him before.
  • If Brad was alone or with Fliss in Glamour Girl, and he opened the safe, he will mention the water treatment plant that made the Manchurian Gold.
  • If Fliss died in the flooding room, he will mention this.

Distress Signal

Once all the main characters gathered in one of the safest places of the Ourang Medan (the weather deck) they will be prepared after an elaborate plan to reach the radio room (just where Conrad fled from Brad/Fliss before jumping the metal beams).

Brad will remain behind his companions that will walk in the rain searching an access to the stairs that lead directly to the highest floor of the ship and where the radio itself is.

After a long road, having taken refuge inside the ship's control room and founding the radio, the group will have the possibility to talk to some military personnel who will prepare for their whereabouts, but the guys should not say anything because if they talk too much the military would end up coming and shooting all of them for knowing a lot of their passing through the ship in 1947.

Thereafter and with no light in the whole ship, the guys decide to get into a big hole that connects with two floors: the middle and lower decks.

Brad can offer himself as the first protagonist to enter the hole after having lived several experiences during the night that made him "a true hero". His brother can prevent/trust him based on the previous events.


  • In the Theatrical Cut, Alex can choose whether or not to let himself or Brad go down the hole.
  • In the Curator's Cut, Alex will let Brad go down if he has a high or slightly low relationship with him. If their relationship is very low, Alex will insist he should go.Once introduced into the depths of the hole, Brad and the character who is at that time with him will walk the lower deck (where Joe and Charlie were in 1947) in search of a light generator that returns the power of the radio.

Minutes later, the group formed by these two "intrepid adventurers" will have found the generator (after jumping an extra floor without stairs) and will be able to generate light again to the ship. In the meanwhile, the duo will find one of the rebreathers in the attached room right next to the generator.

  • At several steps from the rebreather, the duo can find the body of one of the protagonists if he/she fell from the top of the funnel during Glamor Girl. Depending on the meaning that the deceased has to the members of the duo, they will react in a certain way.

A few meters from the corpse there will be a room where there is an intoxicated (by the fog) Olson and a terrified Danny, who will try by all the circumstances to calm his fisherman partner in crime. His hallucinations may mean more than his actions and Olson will stab Danny in the stomach, leaving his body seconds later on a metal table. The two protagonists, who will be watching the terrible scene behind a broken wall must remain in silent due to the fact that Olson will leave the room immediately after hearing an apparent and threatening noise.

  • If during this scene they remain silent with success, both protagonists will be able to take the rebreather with them and perhaps find Julia's engagement ring.
  • If the situation goes wrong, the characters will lose the rebreather and they will not be able to use it in the future and they will not obtain Julia's engagement ring.


While escaping from Olson after several minutes of tension fleeing in silence from him, the two protagonists will gain access to a door that they can close right behind them to prevent the villain to enter. Just when that happens his brother Junior will be right behind that door to welcome the duo with a gun.

During this chapter Brad may lose his life due to a head shot if he remain silent or his partner admits to having breathed the fog before. Both characters can get out alive if they answer the paranoid fisherman's questions correctly. They can also help Junior if they have the rebreather with them to take away the fog of him whil he's immobilized.


With the noise of several shots in the lower deck (where two of her friends are), Brad will decide to go through the hole to get into the middle deck (one floor above) and find those who fell deep into the hole.

After crossing several corridors with blinking bulbs, Brad will find the Cargo Hold 2 and almost immediately jump down the balcony for then listen the scream of the big fish of the fishermen: Olson.

With the Manchurian Gold circulating on his brain, Olson will try to open the huge gate that contains thousands of liters behind it to flood the room and drown everyone in it, including himself. Brad may try to stop his stupid plan, but it will be too late when he gets rid of the door with his huge hammer and letting in the sea that flooded the room attached to them.

Under the water that will cover their ankles completely, Brad and one of the characters who went down to the lower deck (after appearing of the flooded room) will try to stop Olson with the door 2 (the courtins that Fliss saw while she was affected by the hallucinations).

In the meanwhile, the young geek may try to distract the fisherman's captain while the other character will access to the lever that closes the door 2 and Olson in the other half of the Cargo Hold 2.

  • If Brad pushes Olson off him and avoids his grabs, he can escape Olson and leave him to get crushed by the door.
  • He can be split in half by the closing door, just like Olson.
  • Brad can be chocked by the handle of Olson's hammer, then get his head bashed in.

If all went well, Olson will be the only person who dies during the fight and his lifeless hands will get what the group needed for them to escape: the distributor cap.

Matters of the Heart

Brad's presence in this chapter is more secondary considering that Alex has more prominence than any of the other main characters. His role here will be to accompany Alex on one of the accessible floors of the hole and even find the inexplicable noises that hide the end of it. It will be Olson screaming with the distributor cap in hand.

After that happens, they will find Olson and knowing that the only escape route is the distributor cap, Alex will decides to jump two metal beams that separate him from Olson, but one of them doesn'tt resist his weight and it will fall down, so Alex and Brad will have to separate. Thereafter when Brad will enter through a door that will lead him outside the opposite balcony where Fliss was before and he will be able to breathe fresh air again for then meet in one of the kitchens a confused and affected Alex who tries to stab him with a knife.

  • Brad will be able to calm his nervous brother and leave alive at best and, at the same time, leave the ship with the distributor cap.
  • Otherwise, Alex will stab Brad several times leaving him with a lot of cuts in various parts of his lifeless body.

The End

This is not a playable chapter and there are a lot of endings where Brad get involved as a main character. This are all of them:

  • All the survivors will escape from the Ourang Medan either with all the main characters (and Junior) or not. While they're in the way of going home they all start thinking about all the events that happened during the night. Brad will be confused by all the "paranormal" events that took place at night.
  • If Conrad escaped with the speedboat, he will return with a guard coast boat to rescue the rest of the main characters, including Brad.
  • After having contacted the military by radio, this ones would appear with an helicopter later and shoot anyone who was alive for having too much information about them.

Killed Victims

  • Alex (Unintentional, Indirect, Determinant)
  • Conrad (Unintentional, Indirect, Determinant)
  • Fliss (Unintentional, Direct or Indirect, Determinant)
  • Julia (Unintentional, Indirect, Determinant)
  • Olson (Unintentional, Indirect, Determinant)





  • He has 3 official playable chapters in Theatrical Cut, that being one in The Duke (8:30 A.M.), Finding Friends (2:33 A.M.), Echo (2:32 A.M.).
  • He has 1 exclusive playable chapter in Curator's Cut, that being one in Ghost Story (10:07 P.M.).
  • Depending on the player's decisions he can also be playable in Pressure, Depths (4:05 A.M.), Junior (4:19 A.M.) and Olson (4:34 A.M.).
    • This makes him one of the least playable protagonists (tied with Julia).
  • Brad appears in 15 chapters (22 with Uninvited Guests (6:15 P.M.), Intrusion (11:22 P.M.), Storm (12:12 A.M.), Abandoned Ship (1:01 A.M.), Trapped, An Escape (1:43 A.M.) and The End, segments where he was hidden.


Brad can find 2 white pictures and 1 gold picture.


(See: Secrets found by Brad) -----> TO COMPLETE

  • Brad can find the second least number of clues out of all the protagonists, with fourteen.
    • 12 in Theatrical Cut and 10 in Curator's Cut. The other clues will depend on the decisions previously made by the player.
  • Co-Pilote Badge (#20) - Curator's Cut, Ghost Story.
    • Brad is the only character capable to find this clue in the water camera due to his knowledge of History.
      • It's important that Alex and Julia take the water camera with them during the Dive.
  • Hastily Written Message (#21) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Finding Friends.
  • Infantry Badge (#43) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Finding Friends.
  • Locks Memo (#4) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Finding Friends.
  • Radio Operator’s Memo (#19) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Finding Friends.
    • The clues found in this chapter can only be found if Brad remained hidden in the Duke of Milan while his teammates and the kidnappers climbed aboard the Ourang Medan.
  • Ghost Rumours Reports (#25) - Curator's Cut, Pressure.
    • This clue can only be found if Fliss breathed pure air in Ritual and Brad located the gas mask at the lockers in Finding Friends.
      • This clue can be found either by Brad or Fliss.
  • Minutes of Meeting (#49) - Theatrical Cut, Depths.
  • Private Patterson’s Medical Record (#27) - Theatrical Cut, Depths.
  • Engine Room Telegraph Log (#8) - Theatrical Cut, Depths.
  • Military Order (#34) - Theatrical Cut, Depths.
    • To pick up this clue there's not much time. He must have passed the QTE with Olson, enter the room and quickly go to the feet of Danny's body for turning quickly the note.
      • He can also pick up Julia's engagement ring in Danny's right hand if he decides to investigate it.
  • Casket Shortage Memo (#36) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Olson.
  • Diplomatic Immunity Contract (#46) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Matters of the Heart.
  • ID Badges and Documentation (#12) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Matters of the Heart.
  • Toxins Research (#33) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Matters of the Heart.


The following contains information from PlayStation and Bandai Namco Entertainment pages related to the game.

  • Brad is extremely clever, but he still isn't sure what he wants to study next, that's why he decided to take a sabbatical to think about it.
  • Brad is extremely jealous about the success of his older brother Alex, but still admires him and wishes him the best.
  • Brad's highest base relationship status is with Alex due to the fact that he is his brother and the one who knows better.
  • His lowest base relationship status is with Conrad, Julia and Fliss, all unknown to him until the trip.
  • Brad and Alex "seem out of their depth", according to The Curator.


  • Brad and Fliss have the most deaths out of any character in Man of Medan, which is 10.
  • Brad is the only one who can die by being stabbed at stomach.
  • Brad, Alex and Fliss can get a blood smile in their necks.
  • If Brad dies by falling in the funnel, whoever is present in the lower decks can see through a hole in the wall to find his corpse, expressing shock and a small amount of grief before moving on.
  • If Julia dies in front of Alex and Brad drowned in front of Fliss, the captain will devastate Alex by commenting it at last.
  • In Echo, it is possible to have Danny shoot Brad if he fails to move, but this is just a hallucination and cannot die in this chapter.


  • He shares the same character model as George Hawthorne, the police captain from The Inpatient, and a cop from Hidden Agenda.
    • Both Brad and Alex are the same character model, but modeled with different features.
  • Brad is 18 years old due to the fact that "he deferred for a year" the idea of going to college. He is also younger than his brother Alex.
  • Ray Bradlebury's nickname comes from the movie The Ray Bradbury Theater, where the actor Shawn Ashmore (Conrad) was part as one of the cast members.
  • He is the only character in the main cast that never changes his outfit at any point, sporting his blue polo shirt and plaid shorts the entire game. He never removes his glasses as well, even to sleep.
  • Brad can say that he used to have a girlfriend when he's asked by Conrad on the Duke of Milan during Ghost Story, but he broke up with her. It's likely this is a lie.
  • Brad is the only protagonist who doesn’t have a potential love interest throughout the game.
  • Brad and Fliss are the only main characters who are barefoot throughout the whole story.


  • He has four trophies dedicated to him, them being: "Medium bro", and "Brother thing, you know".
    • This makes him the character with the less trophies dedicated to him.
  • He shares a trophy with the boys (Alex and Conrad) called "Right there with ya, boys" for having all men alive.
  • He shares two trophies with Alex, them being: "Medium bro", and "Brother thing, you know".


  • "Are kittens good? Are miniature horses good? Hey, I freakin' nailed it, bro. Don't I get a little endzone dance? Watch me. Oh yeah... oh yeah..."
  • "During World War II they built these suckers to cruise at the highest altitude possible while maintaining the ability to carry nuclear warheads and - Sorry. Yeah. Nerdburst."
  • "Horrified, he looks closer to see the dead man's face in the dark. Closer... closer... and he sees - It's his own face! And then its eyes bulge out and screams!"
  • "Well typically a distributor cap is designed to distribute voltage from the coil to the correct rotor which, in turn... It's an essential part of the engine. We're not taking the Duke of Milan anywhere without it."
  • "Holy shit on a shamrock! What happened here?"
  • "Argh! No. No I'm not hearing this. I'm not hearing this."
  • "That! It-it w-was... didn't you see it? Okay, so I'm seeing things, but you're not. Okay, so... follow my thinking here. We know the ship was carrying the "Manchurian Gold", but that was really some sort of hallucinogenic bioweapon, developed in China during World War II. And, we know what it was super unstable and leaked all over the ship. So maybe... it's still here? Maybe it hasn't dispersed after seventy years, and it's having the same effect on us? You know, paranoid hallucinations! All of this crazy shit we're seeing, none of it's real! This isn't a ghost ship, it's a floating bioweapon!"
  • "You know, I just keep going over it and over it... and it doesn't make any sense, y'know? It just... And I know what I saw. I just don't believe in... whatever it was I that I saw."


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