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This article is about The Dark Pictures Anthology's third installment, House of Ashes .

Alien Parasites are the main antagonistic forces of The Dark Picture Anthology's third installment, House of Ashes. They are the true cause of the vampires' animalistic and sadistic instinct.


The parasites have a similar appearance to that of a fish. They have shells around their bodies, with a notable deformity near the tail. The torso has a transparent skin with visible organs inside. Tentacles can be seen protruding from around their head, with smaller ones coming out of their mouth. Once they infect a host, they will use the tentacles to create thorns protruding from the back and to replace the host's incisors in order to suck blood, respectively.


The parasites are a group of extraterrestrial organisms that are able to reside within organisms' bodies and infect them. If the host is still alive, the parasite will have to kill it first. Afterward, the parasite mutates the body and transforms them into monstrous being that thirsts for blood. This infection however would make the hosts' bodies vulnerable to ultraviolet light. If an infected individual is still alive, they can be saved by forcing the parasite out of their body via exposure to ultraviolet light.

If the human victim's brain is damaged, then the parasite will be unable to infect the body and will exit it. If Clarice is shot in the head by Jason or caught in an explosion caused by Nick giving the wrong directions, her brain will be destroyed, and thus she will not reappear as a vampire.


These creatures were a group of bloodthirsty parasites which were picked up by a ship of a space-faring alien race during the latter's travel. The parasites infected the crew, which wreaked havoc and caused the ship to crash into Earth's surface at the Zagros Mountains. The parasites would then dwell underground inside the aliens' bodies, turning them into vicious vampires.

On May 17, 2231 BC, while the Akkadians and Gutians were at war, an eclipse started, allowing the parasites to subsequently kill or infect everyone, including Akkadian General Balathu and Gutian soldier Kurum, either one of whom would later be known as the Ancient One.

Millennia later, the parasites slaughtered several more people including members of The Hodgson Expedition, infecting Randolph Hodgson's wife Mary and presumably his financier Agnes Bradshaw.

At the end of May, 2003, the parasites awoke and started hunting again when an American Unit and an Iraqi patrol were plunged underneath the mountains due to a firefight.

House of Ashes[]

Main Story[]

The parasite will appear if Clarice is brought to the temple and Jason shoots her. It will be seen crawling out of her mouth. After Rachel is impaled by the Ancient One, the parasite will be seen coming out of the latter's mouth to infect her.

If Rachel is infected and Eric is aware about the vampires' weakness, he will purge Rachel's infection, causing the parasite to run away. The protagonists then give chase outside the Star Chamber and can kill the parasite. If Rachel is a vampire and a protagonist successfully bashes her head with a rock, the parasite will be seen hanging out of the crushed head. However, before it can do more, another protagonist kicks the body into a water.

The End[]

A dead parasite will be seen being extracted out of an alien's body by an agent. Their fluid is also seen stored in a canister, which the gains the label X-1172. If Rachel is cocooned and at least one survivor makes it back to Camp Slayer, she will be rescued and the parasite will be removed, saving her life.

Switchback VR[]

Possible Deaths[]

Possible Deaths
Chapter Mechanism of Kill Caused by Conditions
Slayer Impaled Salim Salim completes QTE to stab the vampire.
The Truce Nick and Salim Salim decided to kill the vampire; Nick and Salim complete every QTEs.
The Assault Burned A vampire (Indirect) Always happens.
Explosion Nick (Indirect) Rachel retreats; Nick directs the protagonists to the side where the mines are planted.
Enemy of My Enemy Impaled Salim Salim completes QTE to stab the vampire.
Strange Aeons Burned Rachel Eric allowed the usage of WPs; Rachel is infected; Rachel stabs the White Phosphorus round.
Impaled Salim Rachel is infected; Jason shot Rachel.
Rachel is infected; Rachel manages to defuse the situation; Rachel volunteers to be cocooned; Jason fails QTEs to avoid the spores (Curator's Cut or Shared Story).
Stomped Rachel Eric is aware about the vampires' weakness and alive; Rachel is infected; Rachel survived the ordeal; Rachel volunteered to be cocooned; Rachel or Jason finds the parasite and completes a QTE to stomp it.
The Vault Burned Jason Always happens.
Nick Eric is aware of the vampires' weakness and is alive; Eric has a high relationship with Nick and lend him his UV wand; Nick fails Keep Calm segment while hiding from a vampire if injured; Nick chose to retreat; Nick fails QTEs to escape the vampire.
Semper Fi Impaled Salim Salim succeeds to fight the vampires.
Daylight Burned The Sun The protagonists survived 6 minutes of eclipse.
The End Unknown Unknown Always happens.

Killed Victims[]

Chapter Character Mechanism of Kill Condition
N/A - Prior to events of game Numerous pre-infected bat aliens Infection Always happens - Off-screen.
Cursed Balathu Whichever character that was killed last by the vampire.
Bloodbath Clarice Clarice is abandoned OR Clarice refuses to swing pass by the chasm.
The Horror Clarice is brought from the temple; Clarice will always turn regardless if she is abandoned or stay.
Strange Aeons Rachel Rachel is infected; Rachel survived the ordeal; Rachel refuses to be cocooned.
Same condition; Rachel volunteers to be cocooned; Jason fails QTEs to avoid the spores. (Curator's Cut or Shared Story)




  • The parasites are associated with the trophy "The Thing".