Hey bud, we are going to talk, and then we are going to keep talking, and then we might talk a little more. So you know what? Get used to it.
— Alex to Junior

Alex Smith is one of the five main protagonists and a playable character in The Dark Pictures Anthology debut, Man of Medan. He is Brad's older brother and Julia's boyfriend. He was voiced and motion captured by actor Kareem Alleyne.


Alex's debut outfit.

Alex has a deep complexion, dark brown eyes, buzzcut black hair and a trimmed beard. He is the tallest of the Duke of Milan crew and the most physically athletic, displaying broad shoulders and large arms.

He wears a gray-white baseball shirt, dark gray shorts, and black-gray sneakers with white socks. Alex also sports a black stud piercing in his left ear and an orange digital watch on his left wrist.

During Wreck and the underwater scene (Dive) with Julia, Alex wears a short-legged black and blue wetsuit, and a black-grey dive tank-rebreather.

His sleepwear consists (Intrusion) of only white underwear, along with the same accessories. After this scene, he changes back to his first outfit.


Despite being cool-headed and confident in most situations, he's uncomfortable with displays of wealth given his middle-class background, which jars against Julia's privileged upbringing.
— PlayStation


Alex is described in-game as motivated and insecure. He is a level-headed individual who' acts confident in his abilities as a diver and judgment. He came well prepared for the trip, and is knowledgeable about wreck diving. Despite his confidence, he is insecure about the wealth difference between him and Julia, who comes from a rich background, and believes he isn't good enough for her.

He appears to be cautious, as he often tells Julia to be careful, and becomes frustrated if she disregards his warnings.

Man of Medan


Alex is an american young man from a middle class family. He and his little brother Brad were raised in a pleasant and happy environment, although specific data from those times are unknown. He appeared to have his highs and lows with his brother, but generally gets along with him.

He is one of the brightest students of his medical course at Ivy League, getting one of the highest marks of it.

Although he is envied by many boys in his class (even his own little brother) because of his apparent intelligence and physical potential, he's very insecure with himself and very undecided with his decisions.

Shortly after entering at the Ivy League, one of the most attractive young women of the same university captivated the attention of the oldest of the Smith brothers, Julia, with whom he decided to spend one of the "best summers" of his life. At first he did not agree to make this little summer trip for the fact of Julia having to pay it, but then he decides that it's the best for both of them as a couple that haven't seen each other for a while and thus introduce both of his brothers, Brad with Conrad and viceversa.


The Duke

After a stressed and long time of medical studies at the Ivy League university, Alex is willing to meet again with his girlfriend Julia after several weeks without seeing her. That's why the young man decides to accept the invitation of the girl in order to spend the best summer vacation of their lives, with their respective brothers by their side.

With Alex's brother Brad already on board, both will sweep the beer boxes that Conrad (Julia's brother) will implore so much to make this trip safe to him. Both Smith brothers will discuss issues to deal with during the trip, and how important it is to come knowing how to dive, at least for Brad, who never dived before.

A couple of minutes later few minutes after meeting with Julia and Conrad at the Duke of Milan (their houseboat for the next few days) everyone knows who will be the captain of that same boat, the young polynesian Fliss.

Wreck - Theatrical Cut



After getting rid of the captain's complaints and finally being alone, the couple will set out to find together the "treasure" they had long-awaited.

Both will get ready to enter through the back entrance of the wreck that Conrad detected in the aquatic camera, and Alex will be the second one to enter, right after Julia.

Just after, the couple will be ready to explore the plane's entrails, finding a tube/overture in which they can see a paper with coordinates, which is what prompts Julia to remove the rebreather (or not) and enter to catch it. A few seconds after being introduced to it, Julia will be surprised by an octopus that will pass by and make her way to take the coordinates, to be catapulted out of it thereafter. If Julia entered through the tube, Alex will be prepared outside it with her rebreather in hand to save her in case of any inconvenience.

  • If Julia decided not to enter the tube, the couple will still get the coordinates later. After a "shark attack".

Following their water exploration inside the wreck, the couple can find a bullet embedded in the fuselage of the plane and lifeboats (with one of them missing). A few "steps" from those lifeboats there is a corpse with a locket in hand they'll find, and the cockpit, where Julia will play to be the pilot. To get there it's necessary that Alex has taken the bangstick before the dive, right next to the camera he took to take photos.

It will be then that the actions that happen on the surface with Fliss and Conrad will shake the return cable causing the head of the plane to collapse, and the couple has to leave as soon as possible from there. On the way to the surface and depending on the conversation that Alex and Brad had in a first place, Alex will ask Julia to marry him (or not). She can accept or think about it better. Seconds after the response that action, both will prepare to rise to the surface, but not before decompressing. An explosion from the Duke will alarm the couple, especially Julia, who can make the decision not to decompress and go find out what happens worried about it. It would be then when Alex will avoid Julia's stupid idea of ​​going to the surface (if she tries).

After finally finishing the decompression, the couple can find out what happens. It will be the barbecue that Conrad set on fire.

Uninvited Guests

His appearance (like Julia's) is brief in this chapter. He appears at the end, just after investigating the wreck and after obtaining/or not obtaining a beautiful proposal with his girlfriend.

Ghost Story

During the beginning of the chapter, both Alex and Julia will delve into details about their recent aquatic experience and the event of the marriage request underwater, with Brad in front of them. Depending on how the proposal went (good or bad) both characters will be complemented with those feelings, extremely happy if everything went well, and sad and decayed otherwise.

Shortly after having a small conversation about their future together as a posible "married couple", Julia will look for Brad while Alex will while Alex will wait on the deck upon arrival of the group.

After all that happens, both members of the couple will talk about their "maritime adventure" as they did previously with Brad, but this time with Conrad and Fliss around. Alex will wait again with Julia's mission, which is get into the Duke and find the paper with the coordinates of the "gold" in her suitcase.

  • If she takes "too much" time during the process, the anxious man will go in search of the young woman to have a tiny private talk with her.

His participation in the remainder of the chapter will be somewhat more muted, since it will be his brother Brad who will "light" the rest of it with a horror story. Alex can participate briefly with small comments in the meantime.

Intrusion - Curator's Cut


Storm - Curator's Cut


Abandoned Ship




An Escape




Plunged - Curator's Cut


Revenge - Curator's Cut


Open Deck


Distress Signal






Matters of the Heart


The End

This is not a playable chapter and there are a lot of endings where Alex get involved as a main character. This are all of them:

  • All the survivors will escape from the Ourang Medan either with all the main characters (and Junior) or not. While they're in the way of going home they all start thinking about all the events that happened during the night. Alex will be talking about Olson's plan to get the "gold" from their hands, refering to him as a "fucker".
  • Alex has the option of staying at the Ourang Medan in search of food instead of going to the Duke of Milan without the distributor cap, which will be for him a "failed mission".
    • Depending on how good his relationship with Julia is at this point, he will return to the freighter with her company or not.
    • His brother Brad can leave in the Duke even having a good relationship with him, but he will promise Alex a "salvation".
  • If Conrad escaped with the speedboat, he will return with a guard coast boat to rescue the rest of the main characters, including Alex.
  • After having contacted the military by radio, this ones would appear with an helicopter later and shoot anyone who was alive for having too much information about them.

Killed Victims

  • Himself (Accidental or Suicide, Determinant)
  • Julia (Unintentional, Direct, Determinant)
  • Brad (Unintentional, Direct, Determinant)
  • Conrad (Unintentional, Direct, Determinant)
  • Fliss (Unintentional, Direct, Determinant)
  • Danny (Attempt, Direct, Determinant)
  • Olson (Unintentional, Indirect, Determinant)





  • He has 4 official playable chapters in Theatrical Cut, that being one in Wreck (5:30 P.M.), Caskets (2:18 A.M.), Distress Signal (3:43 A.M.) and Matters of the Heart (4:44 A.M.).
  • He has 6 exclusive playable chapters in Curator's Cut, that being one in The Duke (8:30 A.M.), Intrusion (11:22 P.M.), Storm (12:12 A.M.), Plunged (2:52 A.M.), Revenge (3:11 A.M.) and Open Deck (3:32 A.M.).
  • Depending on the player's decisions he can also be playable in An Escape (1:43 A.M.), Depths (4:05 A.M.) and Junior (4:19 A.M.).
    • This makes him the most playable protagonist (tied with Conrad and Fliss).
  • Alex appears in 18 playable chapters (19 with The End segment).


Alex can find 1 white picture and 3 black pictures.


(See: Secrets found by Alex) -----> TO COMPLETE

  • Alex can find the most number of clues out of all the protagonists (tied with Julia), with twenty four.
    • 15 in Theatrical Cut and 8 in Curator's Cut. The other clues will depend on the decisions previously made by the player.
  • Guard Duty Roster (#14) - Theatrical Cut, An Escape.
  • Private Reed’s Letter (#45) - Theatrical Cut, An Escape.
  • Engineer’s Logbook (#7) - Theatrical Cut, An Escape.
  • Journal (#11) - Theatrical Cut, An Escape.
  • Catering Staff Schedule (#23) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Caskets.
  • Diary (#1) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Caskets.
  • Open Caskets (#24) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Caskets.
  • Casket Nameplate (#22) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Caskets.
  • Small Casket (#35) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Caskets.
  • Locked Casket (#13) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Caskets.
  • Terrified Corpse (#18) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Caskets.
  • Electrocardiogram Results (#39) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Caskets.
  • Anti-Aircraft Shell Casing (#50) - Theatrical Cut, Distress Signal.
  • Gas Mask Instructions (#3) - Theatrical Cut, Distress Signal.
  • Ship’s Logbook (#42) - Theatrical Cut, Distress Signal.
  • Nautical Chart (#9) - Theatrical Cut, Distress Signal.
  • Navigator’s Notebook (#10) - Theatrical Cut, Distress Signal.
  • Radio Operator’s Final Message (#29) - Theatrical Cut, Distress Signal.
  • Minutes of Meeting (#49) - Theatrical Cut, Depths.
  • Private Patterson’s Medical Record (#27) - Theatrical Cut, Depths.
  • Engine Room Telegraph Log (#8) - Theatrical Cut, Depths.
  • Military Order (#34) - Theatrical Cut, Depths.
    • To pick up this clue there's not much time. He must have passed the QTE with Olson, enter the room and quickly go to the feet of Danny's body for turning quickly the note.
      • He can also pick up Julia's engagement ring in Danny's right hand if he decides to investigate it.
  • Casket Shortage Memo (#36) - Theatrical Cut & Curator's Cut, Olson.
  • Top Secret Intelligence Note (#2) - Theatrical Cut, Matters of the Heart.
    • He is the most frequent in this chapter.


The following contains information from PlayStation and Bandai Namco Entertainment pages related to the game.

  • Alex is successful, intelligent and diligent. He graduated with the highest marks in his medical class.
    • He is very insecure and undecided with his decisions as well.
  • Alex and Julia began their courtship after meeting each other at Ivy League, the same university where they both are studying nowadays.
  • Alex's highest base relationship status is with Julia due to the fact that they're in a relationship, and with Brad, his younger brother.
  • His lowest base relationship status is with Conrad and Fliss, both unknown to him until the trip.
  • Alex and Brad "seem out of their depth", according to The Curator.
    • The Curator will also name the fact whether Julia rejects Alex's proposal or not, which means he is losing his beloved forever.


  • Alex has the least amount of deaths of any playable character, which is 4.
  • Alex is the only one who can die by having his head smashed against a window.
  • Alex, Brad and Fliss can get a blood smile in their necks.
  • Alex, Conrad, and Andrew are so far, the only protagonists who can commit suicide.
  • If Conrad is either dead or fled with the speedboat, Alex and Julia cannot be killed during Olson's chase scene, even when failing all QTEs.
  • In the ending where the protagonists are stranded on the Ourang Medan, Alex will always stay on the ship to look for supplies while also dying in the process.
  • All of the playable characters have some similar deaths. For example, they could all be split in half by the cargo door in the cargo holds, getting strangled and having their heads smashed in by Olson’s hammer, and getting shot by the military. However, the only time all of the characters can die together is when they are executed by the military.
  • Alex is the only protagonist that can directly supposedly kill an antagonist: Danny, by drowning him. However, he is revealed to be still alive in post-ending credits scene.


  • He shares the same character model as George Hawthorne, the police captain from The Inpatient, and a cop from Hidden Agenda.
    • Both Alex and Brad are the same character model, but modeled with different features.
  • Alex and Brad share the same character model with several differences, being them: the eyebrows, the beard and the body constitution. Their resemblance is based on their noses, lips and the constitution of their faces.
  • Alex is 21 years old due to the fact that he did "four years of Med school", according to a Conrad's quote. He is also older than his brother Brad.
  • Alex and Julia are the only characters not to go barefoot during the Ourang Medan events.
  • Alex and Julia are the only ones to be called by their respective siblings with the typical "Alex?! Julia!" quote.


  • He has four trophies dedicated to him, them being: "Medium bro", "Lovebirds", "Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you!", and "Big man on campus".
    • The trophy "Big man on campus" is a reference to Julia's phrase before Alex kicked the vent.
    • This makes him the character with the most trophies dedicated to him.
  • He shares a trophy with the boys (Brad and Conrad) called "Right there with ya, boys" for having all men alive.
  • He shares two trophies with Julia, them being: "Lovebirds", and "Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you!".
  • He shares two trophies with Brad, them being: "Medium bro", and "Brother thing, you know".


  • "Will you marry me?"
  • "Come here, you vixen."
  • "Alright everyone. Check it out! Manchurian Gold! Who wants to find some sunken treasure?!"
  • "Well... at least one of us can get on their boat. Get some help."
  • "You're all in this together. This is a trap and you set us up!"
  • "Hey bud, we are going to talk, and then we are going to keep talking, and then we might talk a little more. So you know what? Get used to it."
  • "What the hell is this fuckin' place?"
  • "We can't just sit around. We need a plan."
  • "While those guys are out panning for Manchurian Gold or whatever they think they're gonna find on this floating coffin. We gotta take advantage and look around for a way outta here!"
  • "Let's just stay calm, and relatively sane about this, okay?"
  • "Hey little bro... I'm thinking you might deserve a promotion... How's medium bro sound? You stepped up to the plate... Put yourself right in the line of fire. I'm impressed... Seriously."
  • "You didn't fucking see that?... Right. No. Of course you didn't. Yeah I think I'm actually seeing clearly for the first time in a while. Nothing jumped out at me. So, this ship was carrying "Manchurian Gold", but that turned out not to be gold at all. It's a toxic chemical. And there's this weird fog everywhere right? Well maybe that's Manchurian Gold! And maybe we're breathing it in and it's fucking us right the hell up! I sure as shit saw some stuff I cannot believe. Maybe I was right not to believe it. I was hallucinating!"
  • "That fucker that took our boat, he thought there was gold. He wanted the gold. That's all this was about. Manchurian Gold. Well, that turned out to be quite a bit different than we expected."


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